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I am def calling my OBGyn on Mon to have my thyroid checked...today my vision has been blurry, my heart won't stop racing, I can't stop peeing and I feel thirsty and hungry. My sister told me today she just had her thyroid checked and is waiting on results b/c she is showing signs too... I'll update once I know more, in case someone is going through the same thing and comes upon this thread.
Thanks for replying! I am starting to think I should check my thyroid. My mom is hypothyroid and I am showing symptoms of hyperthyroid, including the sweating at night, heart palpitations, and others... my period is normal though, maybe just slightly lighter than normal but close to normal...? Frustrating!
Please help! I am 35 years old (will be 36 next month). In Sept I had a mild night sweat on the day of ovulation (not ttc, I have strong ovulations and always know when I am). Then a couple of weeks later, had a mild night sweat the day of and day after AF started. No night sweat during ovulation a few weeks ago, but I started AF a few nights ago and had a night sweat last night (mild, not soaking through sheets or anything but damp shirt and had to change it, etc).   My...
Thanks so much!!!! I am going to check out the link you sent :) Bowie is too far away though; I'm in Northern MoCo too! :)
Thanks for bumping Cynthia!! :))   I will also add that I'm open to anywhere in Mont county, just that I would prefer those 2 areas! Thanks!!
HI there! I live in Mont county and have a vaccine-friendly doc who I like, but her front office is HORRIBLE, we can never get in super fast, there are dirty toys in the waiting area and no sick room, etc. Plus, it is 20 min away. Please, I would LOVE any recommendations for a ped that is vaccine-relaxed (we select/delay) but also is great in all other areas as well. Thanks so much!!   ETA: Would really prefer someone in Gaithersburg or Germantown area.
I am looking to change peds...right now we have a ped who is relaxed about vaccines, but I HATE her front office and the doc office has dirty toys, no sick room, hard to get in fast when kids are sick etc. I live in Montgomery county, Maryland. Anyone have any recommendations??? Thanks in advance!
  Lollybrat just wanted to give you a BIG HUG!!!!! :( The thought of putting my ASD child in a regular daycare terrifies me. We struggle greatly without me working but we couldn't pay for childcare if we wanted to (I have 3 kids, one with classic autism, and "regular" daycare costs between $250-$350 a week per kid where I live, which would be roughly $3,000 to $4,200 or more a month so I probably wouldn't even make enough to cover the cost of daycare.   My best friend's...
  Thank you!!!! I will be trying all of these! :)))
  It's def lot better now, but still not 100%. Is diflucan the pink pill you take when you have a yeast infection? Haven't had a YI in years but I remember calling my doc for those pills and they were life savers!
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