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The verdict is in! My doctor said thrush and prescribed nystatin!   I'm going to use the meds but would like to try some of your remedies as well. Thanks so much!!!
Hi ladies!! No healing whatsoever but my other nipple is now just as affected so I am pretty sure it is thrush. My DS also has been scratching his bottom constantly even though there is no visible rash, he was just at the pediatrician and she said it's possible he could have a mild case of thrush (since he just got off his 3rd round of antibiotics in 2 months for an ear infection). I'm going in tomorrow morning to see my doc about my nipples (finally have...
Thank you!! The other nipple is now affected as well so I am pretty sure it's thrush! I'm going to my doc in the morning tomorrow, I'll let you know what she says. Thanks again!!
So as of this morning no more peeling or crust, but the 3 deep cracks are still there and open, and I still have that rough, red area around the base of the nipple.... AND, I think I now see the very beginnings of a crack on my other nipple. Did you guys have the same??   ETA: whoops- crust/peeling still there, spoke too soon :(
  I'm glad I'm not the only one!!! lol   Thanks APToddlerMama & PatioGardener!! Thanks for the tips too. Did your nipple cracks form whitish/yellowish crust (sorry TMI!!!!)? Mine were just on the underside and now extend all around and the crusting is going all the way around too now (as well as the cracks). :( Does is still sound like thrush? I am def going to try some of your suggestions, first I want to get in to see a doc once my insurance goes through...should I see...
Thanks, alittlesandy, I will check that out!   Patiogardener- I haven't really done anything yet since I haven't been able to go to the doc and don't know what it is (yeast, bacterial, just damaged skin, something else, etc). I just keep nursing as normal. I looked at it after DS nursed tonight before I put him down for bed and the cracks/splits/gashes or whatever they are are now extending all the way around the nipple!! It's like it's getting worse, not better. And...
So I think continuing to nurse on my rt nipple has made it a ton worse... what started out as a "simple" crack in a nipple is now 3 huge, deep, cracks (on the side and base) that are raw and open after nursing and crust over in the hours after. My nipple looks horrible and I feel if I had let it "rest" it could heal but if I do I know my milk will dry up for good since I am only nursing a few times at night now (babe is 15 months). :( Like I said before I did lansiloh...
I know ya'll are sick of hearing about this already (lol), but... so it looks like it's healing BUT there is still that white crust on the affected area. I tried to pull off some (pinpoint size) and it left a red raw area. What the heck is going on?? It's not oozing or bleeding or anything, and no nipple discharge at all (sorry TMI). I may be getting health insurance in the next few weeks so will hopefully be able to go to the doc and leave you guys the heck alone lol!
  Thanks ladies!! Do you think it could be thrush even though it's only on one nipple and I have no pain or itching, and I've only had the shooting pains once or twice?
Just wanted to update that I've been having minor shooting pains in my rt breast/nipple. Last night it looked better but this morning it looked back to how it was. Now it is 2:30pm and it looks like it's getting better again...I only nurse at night, do you think this is why?   ETA: I also just had some shooting pains in my left as well... weird! I just started AF today, maybe that's why??
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