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Ouch. Double ouch. :(( This is what someone texted to me regarding a family friend's son who was recently dx with autism (he's on the severe end of the spectrum). She knows my son has also just been dx with autism, I know she wasn't talking about MY son, but even if my son isn't as "severe," he is autistic. (We don't know where my son is on the spectrum right now - he's 2.5 years old - but let's just say he has a ton of sensory issues and has a problem regulating...
OP here- Thanks for this!! I have 3 boys also. My DS2 was finally dx last week with ASD. Our DS1 and DS3 are both NT. I also strongly feel DS2's autism is genetic, he was very different from his brothers as a newborn even, I remember him just wanting to stare at ceiling fans even at 3 months old.   Sorry about your losses but a big congrats on your third little guy!! Btw my DS3 is also a Feb baby (2/8/11)- maybe your LO will be a Valentines baby :)   I don't see my DS2's...
My son (who will be 3 in March) was just dx with autism. He has language but almost all of it is echolalia, although very recently the echolalia has diminished some and he said a few words in a more purposeful way. I am starting to wonder when he will really talk?? I asked his therapists at EI and of course they couldn't tell me but said he has "lots of language" (which still confuses me since he doesn't really talk conversationally). He can label and imitate words, but...
Wow I didn't know, thanks!! He's getting all of that right now through EI but once he turns 3 in March I'm sure I'll need to start looking for private therapists.
So we took our son to KK this week and 4 months after contacting EI, he has been offically dx with autism. He was evaluated by a OT, ST, and clinical psychologist. He has not seen a dev ped yet, but we're on the wait list.   Now that we have the dx, I wonder if it was the right thing to get it. What can we use it for? All of the services we're getting through EI and will be getting through the school system don't require a dx. I know we can now apply for the autism...
This will probably be my last update for this thread, but wanted to let anyone know who comes across this thread that my son was officially diagnosed with autism this week at Kennedy Krieger.
Thanks! Yeah we have started eliminating wheat. Also I found out it is eczema!!!
Wow!! :))
I'm a hypochondriac and am forever thinking I have some dreadful disease. :(( I guess I always need reassurance that what I'm feeling is normal. ;) Yeah I don't think my baby is digging the baby foods but he liked gnawing on a banana the other day :)  
  Thank you!!!!!!!!! :) :) This has calmed me down a lot!!!    
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