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Thanks ladies! What is your opinion about an "open house" type party, where I could invite more people but they (hopefully) wouldn't all be here at the same time? Like I could put "come stop by to see the birthday boy between x and x hours", etc? Anyone done this kind of party before and how did it work out?
My baby is almost 8 months and I am starting to think about what to do for his 1st birthday party. He's my 3rd child; for my first child's 1st birthday party I went all out (he had a summer birthday) and had a huge bash at a park. It ended up being a disaster b/c it rained and I spent too much money. For my 2nd son I invited much less people... had his at a childrens museum. A handful of people were no shows, it was upsetting. I don't know what to do for my 3rd son's...
My son is 2.5 and still in a crib (he has ASD). He's on the smaller side so it's ok for now. I'm scared at the thought of having him in a bed because the kid gets into everything, I mean EVERYTHING and I'm terrified he would strangle himself with the blinds or mess with an outlet (even though I have covers on them), etc. I never had to worry about anything when my older (NT) son was his age, he never touched anything (or at least it happened rarely). He also rocks and...
Is it possible to get ovulation pains when I am still EBF at 7.5 months?? Today I felt some strong pinching in my left ovary (I am very in tune with my body) but I haven't gotten AF (I got AF last time 2 months after I weaned 100%). I am still EBF (we tried solids a couple of times and my baby was NOT interested so will wait a little bit before trying again, he seems really happy on BM right now). Is it possible to get those pinches or twinges when I am still BFing...
Just wanted to update and let you guys know my son's official eval at Kennedy Krieger is at the end of Nov!!!
I am EBF my almost 7 month old. Migraines run in my family (mom and sister) but I've never had one until the last 4 months, and I've had 4 horrible migraines, about once a month (the kind that make you nauseous and are always right behind an eyeball). I never take anything since I am BF, they usually happen at night and I just sleep it off. Anyone else had this?
Thanks ladies!! Jewel I'm with you about the gluten allergies, etc. My 2nd child (who is 2.5) seems to have dairy and wheat allergies (has diarrhea almost every day but is otherwise perfectly physically healthy). So I really am afraid to give grains too early.  
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your own SISTER said this to your DAUGHTER?????? W-O-W. I love my sister but if she ever said anything like that to one of my kids I don't think we would be speaking either!!  
LOVE LOVE LOVE what you said!!!!!!!!!!!! I will have to remember this!! Way to go, btw! :)
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