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Thanks so much for the advice, I will definitely check out ICAN!!!
Hi There! I ended up with a c/s last pregnancy (was devastated-I talk about it on the VBAC board since I am going for a VBAC this time!) and my recovery was horrible. I was in a lot of pain, it hurt to hold my son, and also no milk was coming out when I tried to BF. I pumped and pumped and got very little. Depressed and exhausted I gave up and bottle fed. This time I am DETERMINED to BF but scared that again I will have the problem with no milk coming out... does anyone...
Hi Lisa! How do I find a midwife? Do I see a midwife in addition to or instead of, my OB?
Thanks so much ShwarmaQueen! One of the docs I saw at my last appt said something to me about my ds being big (he was barely 9 lbs... ok so he wasn't tiny but I KNOW that is not why I ended up with a c/s!!!). My mom (who had 3 c/s's) also said maybe I had problems b/c he was big... I don't believe that at all. Thanks for the support, I really need to be around other mama's like you guys!
I had a c-section with my son Jake and it was a horrible experience for me. I am convinced it would not have happened if I had not been induced, and I was only induced because I was a week late and my OB was about to go into labor herself so she wanted to hurry up and deliver me before she went into labor. I was induced and had my waters broken manually, which I now believe caused Jake to be stuck in a posterior position (we didn't find out he was posterior until the c/s)....
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