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I don't know if you have the same thing I had, but in my case, I woke up one morning with a pain in my shoulder (between shoulder and elbow) as if I'd been punched in the arm all night by a boxer. Around the same time, I started experiencing pain/soreness in my wrists. Only one arm was hurting, so I assumed I had slept on it wrong, but the pain did not go away after days. As it turns out, it's all part of the joys of pregnancy! My midwife said it's normal - the pain is...
Congratulations! I know this must feel so sweet .... :
My favorite C Names: Cassandra Camille Cadence Carmen Cora Cecilia
I'm 40 weeks and 6 days today. I've taken myself off of Baby Watch; it's just becoming boring! But I did read somewhere recently that the average gestation for a first time baby is 40 weeks, 8 days - when the baby is allowed to come out on its own time. I wish someone had told me that months ago!!! LOL.
Congratulations! I am hoping for a big baby, as well. Welcome to the world, Isabella!
Quote: Originally Posted by lizzylou I had a NCB and was told by an L&D nurse not to drive for 2 weeks. Something about how your reflexes aren't as good following birth. It wasn't an issue for me... I didn't drive until almost 3 weeks after. What's an NCB?
Wow; your midwife sounds awful ... what on earth was her problem? I'm sorry you had that experience. That is atypical from everyone I've talked to who's hired a midwife. I'm glad you and baby are healthy and happy. And your hubby sounds like a good ally. The pics of him with baby are just so brilliant - he is beaming from ear to ear! So sweet! Little Muhammad is beautiful, masha Allah. Mabruk!
When I'm good I'll drink about 80 ozs of water per day, plus another 20-30 of teas and juices. On a bad day I'll drink about 40 ozs of water per day, plus another 20-30 oz of teas and juices. I'm accustomed to drinking lots of water, so if I go a few hours without drinking water or some other natural drink, I feel kind of gross.
Congratulations, Spiderdust! She is beautiful and I love her name. You made a September baby!
Quote: Originally Posted by srneda78 Yeah! My EDD was 9/26. This is my first, so I knew she could be longer. Just waiting around. She still hasn't dropped at all though. Should I be worried? No, I don't think so. Many women don't experience dropping of the baby until labor. I guess it's more common for first time moms to have the baby drop weeks ahead of time, and for baby to drop later if you're on subsequent pregnancies. But this is my...
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