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Well, I live in MD and used to live in Eugene, and I will say you will not find anything quite like Eugene here.  I grew up in DC and now live in the Maryland suburbs of the city.  The town of Takoma Park is probably as close as you will come to Eugene if you choose to live near DC.  As for schools, I would not say there are not lot of alternative schools here  ( that is one of the reasons we homeschool).  There is a good Sudbury school in Prince George's County (...
We like the MathStart books by Stuart Murphy.  They are little stories that explain math concepts.  My son also loves the Bedtime Math site.  They will email you a daily math problem.  My son looks forward to it every night!  
Do you belong to a local homeschool listserv?  That is a great way to find out what other opportunities there are in your area and maybe meet other homeschooling families nearby.  
washington dc !!  if you live in the city limits then your homeschooling requirements are basically nothing and there is SO much to do and most of it is FREE
thank you, puzzlepiece!   what a great post, fritz.  very helpful!
I am also in MD and am homeschooling my first grader.  This is our first year being "official" ( last year we did the K waiver) and I feel a bit nervous about the whole the portfolio thing, but from what I've heard from friends it's usually OK. I am starting to freak out a bit, however. What county are you in?  I am in Montgomery   I love the idea of taking photos as a way to keep track!   puzzlepiece - do you have any copies of those checklists?
I just asked him if there was anything he would trade his dummies for and he said yes, "one of those big bags of candies" they sell at the drugstore  I can't believe it!!  Interesting trade...but I'll take it. It's too late to do it today, but that's the plan for tomorrow. 
thanks for the replies. none of things would work with my kid.    most of the time i don't really mind that he still has it...i just wish he would decide on his own to be done with it!  has anyone ever just waited it out?  i want him to stop when he loses his top teeth ( so as not to make the adult one grow in crooked).  both his top teeth are loose...so the time is coming
ds is 6 and still uses a paci daily.  he uses it at night to fall asleep, and during the day to "relax".  we are sort of ok with this, and have been of the mind that when he's done with it he'll give it up.  but, as he gets older and there's been no decline in use, we are beginning to wonder if he will ever stop.  for those who let their child self-wean from the paci, how and when did it happen?  please tell me he wont be 12 and still using one!
not sure i have any answers for you, but i have had similar issues with my ds, also 6.  i will say this - when we were last at the pedi i metioned to her that he still had "accidents" and she semed to think that was well within the norm for the age.  a few years ago she also metioned the constipation connection ( although i'm not convinced that was the problem, even though ds does often have large bm's)  i will say things have improved as he's gotten older, although he's...
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