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Some of my favorite gifts to make and receive have been family photo albums, quilts, custom-made place mats, crocheted blankets, custom-made CDs, hand-painted pottery, and cookies. There are many outlets providing value Christmas gifts for children for around £10 or less, from games, novelties and toys to gadgets and puzzles. And for teens I may get inexpensive gadget accessories like iPod cases or iPod docking stations, and computer monitor frames.
I have the Lands End backpack diaper bag, and I love it. I had picked it from a shopping guide recommendation. Plenty of room without being bulky, doesn't scream diaper bag, well made, and leaves your hands free. I have seen some really nice ones at Babies r us at the store. Not sure what they have online. If you have a Babies R Us near you I think it would be worth a trip!
I personally feel it is good to let children view death as they view everything else in life. Not attending funerals leaves questions that can breed fear of the unknown. I took my kids to their great-grandfathers funeral when they were 1, and 4. Its better to discuss death at a young age than older.
Not Named after anybody, although it does have a meaning.
I do drop DD. If I've met the parents before, but my child has never been at their house, I ask if I can stay for a little while. Once I get the sense that all is ok, I'll check with my daughter and then leave for a bit. When the playdate is at our house, I always invite the other parent to stay.
We have Cuisinart, I have the small version which is really handy. The Cuisinart DLC-10S is a small food processor that can hold up to seven cups. I don't know what is your budget, but I think it's worthwhile to look around in a shopping guide and shop for a good deal on a well rated Kitchen Aid or Cuisinart.
Yes, its confusing... Young children one year old and under should never be given honey. You are correct that this warning is designed to reduce the risk of infant botulism.
You can use a dark chocolate cake mix... usually I buy the ready made choc. frosting and add drops of blue coloring til I get the color I want.
There are many ways to make vinegar, one recipe for you http://recipes.howstuffworks.com/how-vinegar-works2.htm
I have a brocade diaper bag that's sort of messenger-bag style which I had picked up from a shopping guide recommendations. I recommend going with a bag that closes at the top. When you're juggling baby, bottles, diapers, pacifiers, etc. it's very easy for the diaper bag to get dropped, tip over, etc. You'll want a way to be sure you don't end up with all the contents spilling out all over the ground.
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