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I have 9 medium all-in-one bum genus (also known as a 2.0?), and 4 one size fits all pocket diaper - although 2 of those are pink.   What size are you looking for?
I have a collection of fleece diapers that I'd like to sell or give away.  They are unisex colors.   9 all-in-one bum genius (looking for $2.50 each) 7 bum genius pocket diapers (looking for $7.50 each).   15 x-small happy heinys pocket diapers 7 small happy heinys pocket diapers   2 small g-diapers 1 medium g-diaper 5 g-diaper linings   I live in Anne Arundel county, near the Arundel Mills Mall.   We're enjoying our toileting adventure with...
Hi Mamas and Mamas-to-be,   We are excited that presenters from Babywearing International will be joining us for our meeting on July 11th, 6pm-8pm at the Tate Center in Glen Burnie,   Join us to: -Learn how to use various baby carriers:- pouch, ring sling, mei tai, buckle carrier, wrap. -Get help with a carrier that you own -Discuss the benefits of using baby carriers:    *Comfort your fussy newborn.  Calm your crying baby     *Allow your baby to...
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