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congrats caitlin!!!!!  
Yeah. I know my mom didn't mean anything at all and she knows how hard everything has been.   My new niece is a long ways away, probably go and see her in a couple of weeks. Thanks for letting me vent like a crazy woman, haha.  
Gosh.... I just have to come vent. I would love to call someone right now because I feel like I am falling apart! It is so dumb too! It started last night. My son was at the dinner table and announced he wanted a baby sister. My mom said "did you hear your son." I said yes.... he has been asking for a baby sister almost every night. Then I promptly started crying. Well, at least tearing up. Right there in front of my whole family, ugh.   And today.... my brother...
Sorry to hear that FairyMe. I have an appointment this coming week as well. I am not sure I will get any answers of any kind but at least I can get the ball rolling a bit and see if there is anything obvious that is wrong... gosh I hate this.
Congrats congrats congrats ladies!!! How great! And such nice clear positives!! HH9M!  
Congrats ZoeJanesMommy!!      
That is terrible and funny at the same time SierraBella!  
CONGRATS for the BFPs!!!!  
congrats again dashley!  Hoping you get some peace for you decision Gale.   Gemmine: I will have O'd by then but probably just be a few dpo.    
Gemmine: My app. is on April 8. So we'll see how that goes....  
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