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Guy has regularly been sleeping 7-9 hrs at the first stretch and then another two after a wake up to nurse/be changed, for the last 2-3 weeks. It's amazing. His naps are also very regular, he gets up between 11a and 12p (we go to bed late) and he naps at 230-3 and at 6-7 for 45min to an hour and a half each time. I'm FINALLY getting housework done during these naps! My house is a sty.
I got Guy's handprints on a cardstock in a shape with pointers and thumbs touching, so between his hands I could trace out a heart shape. Wrote "I love you Daddy, Happy Father's Day" around it. My husband put it on the fridge with his favourite magnets :)
Guy started with the sitting and stuff around 5 months, but he started crawling at about 6 and the day after he first crawled, he pulled up. He regularly cruises around all the edges now and can crawl far too fast for our sanity. With how he lets go with one hand while standing I suspect he will be walking by 9, maybe even 8, months. He's 7.5 now.
Ugh Guy has zero teeth going on. He chews and chews and drools buckets and is so grumpy but his gums are the same as day freakin' one. I wish they'd either quit making him feel bad or just get on out already!
My kiddo had green beans last night, and he was picking them out specifically and ignoring his nectarines! I was surprised. He loved them.
I hated being pregnant, even though it took us 3.5 years to get there. I had a dislocation of an SI joint, severe motion sickness that sometimes kept me from even sitting up, much less walking or getting into a car, and in the end prodomal labor 24/7 for over a month. My actual labor was only 7.5 hrs long and started out intense, so I didn't even get a slow build to prepare myself for it. Coupled with a traumatic birth and pretty bad post-partum depression, it took me...
Man I wish my kid were taking it easy like some of yours! He's been a super roller since 4-5 months, sitting if you helped get him there at 5 months, started sitting up on his own 3 weeks ago, crawling last week, and the day after he crawled he started pulling up. Kid's a nightmare, he crawls like an old pro and is already cruising the couch and coffee table. He's not even 7 months, this just isn't right! No teeth though, just a lot of massive drooling and chewing. At...
Out of nowhere my kid has really developed his pincer grasp. He still palms his food half the time, but the other half he gets really serious and picks up the tiny bits and then drops them because he doesn't know how to aim for his own mouth very well! He's had some really great meals lately - homemade stir fry (noodles, beef, carrots, broccoli), chinese food, pizza (just the olives and cheese), and a lot of juice sips and baby prunes and pears to help all that go...
That'd be cool if he means it. It is def consistent and in context. He also has been growling and shrieking last few weeks, while he inspects an item (pacifier, teether, etc). Like he's talking to his toys! It's hilarious.
I have been doing more of a child-led weaning process, since Guy has been CRAZY for foods for a long time now. He had a snippet here or there from 4 months on, with some cereals and purees off and on. Starting about a week before 6 months we just let him have at it, and he's madly in love with avocado. If he even sees an uncut one he goes bonkers. He's had a lot of stuff since! He's a filthy little piggy.         <3 my boys
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