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I'm going with a copper IUD, getting it inserted at our 6-week midwife appt on Monday
I hope, hope, hope this is not it. I love milk. I've been drinking 2 4L jugs each week since my babe was born, craving it. How long do I have to cut it out in order to know? Can I still have milk in my coffee?
I live in Winnipeg, and I've heard some horror stories too. The snow is brutal this year.
I just requested this book and DVD at the library yesterday, I've heard good things about it. Also considering having gripe water on hand if all else fails.
It's getting worse   For the past 3 days she has had intense screaming fits in the evening. I am still block feeding to control supply, trying different positions to control flow, burping more frequently during feedings, keeping her upright/inclined after feedings, and using abdominal massage and leg presses at every diaper change. I've tried simethicone drops a couple of times, to no effect.   Today I decided to avoid dairy, but I have been drinking a LOT of...
My DD will be 5 weeks old tomorrow and she smiles occasionally. She smiled several times this morning, more often than ever before.   We got this picture when she was 7 days old http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v309/lizardkween/25.jpg  
Thanks for the suggestions, mamas. We saw our midwife yesterday and she also suggested burping DD about 5 mins into a feeding (after the gulping stops), and keeping her upright or inclined for 10 mins after a feeding. It does seem to be getting better already.
LOVE IT! So simple. I am going to try this tonighr!  
My four week old has been very gassy for the past week or so. My midwife told me that it is probably caused by her developing gut bacteria, and suggested giving her Ovol to relieve the gas. A few days later I spoke with our public health nurse, and she thought it was probably caused by oversupply because I described how the baby sometimes gulps when she's nursing and occasionally chokes on the milk and coughs. She suggested changing nursing positions to decrease the...
This is really long, but the most thorough and compelling argument I've ever seen:   http://wreckingboy.livejournal.com/318545.html?
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