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I was actually thinking about this earlier today.
Thanks for the replies! I wear her around the house, but it's too cold to go for walks (-30 celsius). We've gone out a few times, but it's a mad dash from the house to the car.   I am really trying to just enjoy this stage because I know it will be over before I know it, but I can't help feeling like I should *do* something.
Yeah, I'm supposed to get the vaccine before my next pregnancy so there's no rush. But it is being pushed by my midwives, doctor and public health nurse, and they believe it's safe but I have my doubts. If anyone has info or links, I would really appreciate it.
My pregnancy blood work indicated that I am not immune to rubella, so now that I've had my baby I am supposed to get the MMR vaccine. My DD is 3 weeks old now, and I am scheduled to get the vaccine on Friday but I'm having second thoughts.     Is there any reason why I should avoid getting the vaccine now? Would it be safer to wait until my baby is older?
Thanks for the info on oversupply, I think we may be having the same issue here.   So, can you tell me what a day with your newborn looks like? I spend the whole day holding her while she sleeps and nursing her when she's awake, but just watching all sorts of garbage on TV all day which I hate.  What do you do all day? I talk to her and sing to her when she's awake, but what else can I do?
My DD is 3 weeks old, and I have been spending all of my time holding her while she sleeps and nursing her while she's awake. But at the same time I am watching way too much garbage television, because what else is there to do for hours on end while cuddling a sleeping newborn??? I sing to her and talk to her when she's awake, but what else should I be doing at this point?
  This exactly   
Congrats! Great name
I have barely swaddled her at all, she likes to move her arms and legs and wakes up frustrated when she is wrapped up. That being said, I have a family gathering coming up on Sunday, and I am planning to swaddle the baby when she is being passed around.
We had an appointment with our midwife today. Caroline is 19 days old and already one pound and two ounces over her birth weight! Yay! She has already outgrown all of the clothes I had ready for her, I had to wash a load of the next size up. Breastfeeding has been going well since the beginning, but this is good affirmation that my girl is really getting what she needs.
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