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I found the first part of the reunion frustrating. It was kind of embarassing watching 'sophisticated' grown women bickering. I could not hear anything most of the time because everyone ( well most) had something to say. Ramona is just plain mean and she knows it and does not even apologize. " That's the way I was raised." as if that is an excuse for classless behavior and mean comments. Atleast Bethenney took Alex's criticism and said " Fair enough" and did not make...
Bethany is my new role model now. Especially how she conducted herself at the Brass Monkey where Kelly told her to meet her , have her sit there for half an hour ( i would have left) and then sit there so cool, calm and collected as Kelly tore into her with anger and insults. Bethany just sat there cool as a cucumber and Kelly continued to rant. I think it got her more flustered how together Bethany was and she kept going on even more. I do think that there is something...
What a lovely wedding Murphy and 'Mrs. C' are so adorable. It was great to have that comic relief from Jill busting into the party drunk. What a great actress. I never watch soap episodes 2 times in day but i later watched that one on soapnet. I think it is going to be a classic
I have the same thing happen to my tomatoes and I asked in another post. Apparently, the energy is being used up by the top tomatoes so the bottom ones do not have energy. Just cut them off and it gives more energy to the top leaves and vegetables that are getting the sun. ( that was the advice I got.)
Thanks for answering!: I was giving up hope. So...when the tomato plants grow higher , it is normal to have the bottom leaves( and branches) turn yellow and you just cut them off anyway?
This year has been a very good year for my tomato vines but every year, the bottom leaves wilt and i pluck them off. I thought it would not happen this year because we really did not get that much rain. I have lots of tomatoes...but still that darn wilting. Does anyone know what is going on and how to prevent it?
I am in the same boat. I think it is has a lot to do with the kind of administrator you have. I feel ok about teaching in the school year but in summer school, the administrator I work for really needs psychological help. There is no way she is capable of being an administrator but she tells everyone she doesn't care because she has tenure. And she doesn't care...none of my students know who their principal is...she will not speak to us unless it is an...
Fellow bookies....is anyone still reading the passages? I have to recommend something...if you read nothing from the book again...go to yesterdays passage ( that would be July 6) and read it. It is wonderful!! It has got to be the best passage i have read from the book so far...so if you don't want to read anymore...skip everything and read yesterdays! You won't be sorry.:
Thanks Heavenly...i'll check it out
Wow..i thought i was the only one with that pet peeve. Why would you come to someone's house to visit or invite them over just so that they could talk on the phone to someone else. I have always had a problem with call waiting ever since it started. When someone said " Hold on I have a call on the other end." I would give them 2 minutes and then hang up. Granolly...in my opinion...she is not giving you much in the way of friendship so i don't think you would lose...
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