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Hey everyone!   It has almost been a year of CTA for us too.  My youngest is now 2 and some and we are thinking about another one.  I just need to lose some weight and wouldn't mind waiting until the summer to start trying.  Had a good conversation about NFP with DH last night and we seem to be on the same page now.
An OBS at my hospital told me a story about someone he wanted to induce at 42+ weeks and set up an appointment for it but she said no and went garage sailing instead.  She gave birth at 43 weeks naturally.  My hospital is very pro natural birth.
Good for you Chaika - I think that is exactly what Cheryl Sandberg wanted to see.  I do think the main thing is that we hold ourselves back and shouldn't.   There was a job posted that I am slightly qualified for but didn't apply to because I thought maybe I wasn't good enough.  It was a higher pay.  My coworker applied and she was even more unqualified and got to write a test.  She failed the test but when she explained it, I knew I would have aced it.  If it comes...
BB - Sometimes you just have to get it out.   HouseOfPeace - I vote you to start the fall thread as mt_gooseberry is pregnant.
*hug*   I thought I might be pregnant this month and had rationalized that it would be a good thing and then AF.  I had to phone my friend and let her know that I was not pregnant.  Sometimes we have to share.  I too have a 2 and 4 year old.  We would like to wait a bit longer so I could lose more weight and be healthier.  I hope it works out how you want.
I thought Libido was related to nursing and less to vaginal birth.
I found getting in the car and getting out and walking to my office very painful at one week and could do nothing the next week.  I think if you push it in the early stages you are looking at a longer recovery.  I would do absolutely nothing for 2 weeks (or 3 if possible) and then you would be fine.  And by nothing I mean no stairs, to lifting etc.   If a guy had his appendix out he would not be expected back to work in a week - you are having a baby out you should...
2 years ago yesterday I booked my c-section at 8 days overdue with my second large baby.  Although the OB and I were hoping my body would show signs of labour, the baby was still high, I was still hard and closed.  Assuming that this labour would result also in an 'emergency' c-section again we scheduled it the next day.   So instead of going for hike (which is how I felt) I walked into the hospital, put on a gown, got an IV, made some phone calls to tell people we...
How is your entrance way organized?  Currently we have bags, shoes and socks all over the floor.  We have one set of hooks which we put coats on and an empty doorless closet. Basically a mess with 2 adults and sometimes 4 kids.
My parents send a large box of stuff in the mail every 2 months.  They are getting to the point now that they send usable things, bath stuff, ingredients to make cookies, books, second hand clothing, a few dollar store toys, candy and art supplies.  They are well aware that my husband will through everything in the garbage as soon as possible and buy nothing of much worth any more.   But they have beat me to some bigger ticket items (play kitchen and table) which...
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