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I'm sorry that I over reacted to your thread. I admit that I painted a picture in my head based on the info you have shared over the years here. You aren't a terrible person, and neither am I. I understand that you can't clarify everything about your life to strangers over the internet.  My post came out of a sense of urgency that you and your kids needed help. I know it wasn't helpful and I'm sorry. 
Get yourself some help.  Get your son some help so that he has the tools to survive and thrive in the world.  And ffs, send your kids to school.  You are harming them by keeping them at home and not doing anything to educate them.  Also, they will receive services at school that they need.  Please, if you do nothing else, do this.  Give them half a chance.  If you won't help yourself, please do something to help your kids. 
This is the latest in a long series of drama filled posts from this person.  She keeps making bad choices for herself and her children.  That is why the tone of my post is not supportive.  It's ssdd.    
OP you don't think your mom is smart enough to find you here?  You better hope not because it doesn't take much to find out where you live and who you live with. If you want to hide from her than you need to quit sharing every single detail of your life on a public forum!!!  Plus, admitting that you can get your "medication" from a not-so-legal source?  That's really freaking stupid.  Especially when CPS has investigated you before.  You have drug addict/running from the...
I gave my best friend's daughter $50. I wanted to give $100 but really couldn't afford it at the time. 
My nearly 10 year old still wants to sit in my lap but I find it uncomfortable.  So, we compromise and she sits next to me and drapes her upper body on my lap.  As a baby and toddler she was not a cuddler at all, and she is making up for it now. 
Way back in 2003 I was pregnant with my second child and a member of another parenting site.  There was private forum on that site in which all bets were off and you could post whatever you wanted. Threads from Mothering were often linked for people to tear apart.  (And, let me tell you mothering posters were way more intense then they are now)  Anyway, I came over here to see what the "freaks" were talking about. I read several different forums and realized that they...
I would definitely not be showing the tattoo.  Also, that cami looks too much like underwear. I'd wear the first outfit or buy something else to wear under the tweed jacket. 
I conceive my second child on cd 9.  But, my cycles are short, 23-25 days and my period is also shorter than average.
No.  They were nice enough at first but they quickly put me into the role my MIL filled (fil and mil divorced right after dh and I got married).  They ignored her and froze her out and now they have tried to pull that crap with me.  I don't participate in many family events anymore, dh takes the girls. 
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