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Those statistics were plastered right onto the commercial for my 7, 5, and 3 year old to see and it really made me mad that they decided to put it right between two kid shows.
Hi, Here's what I do...   My husband snores and sleeps very heavily so between those two things, unfortunately I don't have him in the bed. He is usually on the couch or on a twin mattress across the room.   I guess it would be safer for the baby to fall off the bed than to get trapped, because falling usually isn't fatal... they usually just get a bump and cry. But you surely don't want that happening anyway! I have a king size bed and there's so much room...
Never mind... I deleted my posts because I started reading some sad stories, and who am I to get irritated about a commercial like that. Now I'm sort of rethinking whether to cosleep. I saw the commercial again and the website it references is ounce.org.
I ended up using Dawn, and had a wonderful experience with her. She absolutely addressed all of my issues and it wasn't just "chat." She was as hands on as I wanted and as hands off as I wanted, all at once. I'm really happy with her care.
Hi,   Has anyone used homemade dishwasher detergent (the common recipe that uses borax/washing soda) during pregnancy and had a baby turn out just fine?   Before getting pregnant, I decided to get rid of as many chemicals in the house as possible. I started to make a natural shampoo, and switched out my cleaners to natural and homemade. When I looked up the recipes for dishwashing detergent, they all included borax. I figured that it was safer than the...
Hi, I'd also love to know if anyone has used Dawn. So... bump!
(very interested in this thread! I'm a 2 time HBAC newly looking for someone in SWFL and I can't afford to pay homebirth out of pocket!)
Thanks so much
Congratulations! She is so cute!!!!!!!!! Tia
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