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We throw it into our checking account, which doubles as a savings account for us (great interest rate, yay!).  Usually stays there until our insane property taxes come due, and gets used for that.  Or for car repairs.
3 vag. births.  All in the hospital, but largely intervention-free the second and third time around.   Hoping for a 4th fast, un-messed-with, labor in the hospital.
I can generally make spaghetti for under $2/person (much less actually, since there are usually leftovers), and that includes a bag of green beans for our side dish.   Soups and stews are usually great too, especially if you're careful with the meat.  You don't need a whole lot of meat to make a good, filling, tasty soup, so you can get 2-3 of them out of one whole chicken, plus the carcass makes a great broth.  And the nice thing about them is that you can mess...
We get a printed page with every vaccine, as well.  General info, reactions to watch for, and how to report.
Ours does sit for meals.  He tends to be the first one done, and prefers to go off and do his own thing once we're done eating and have gotten to the talking part, lol.  But he does sit with us.     For us it's just a non issue.  We sit at the table for (almost) every meal.  If there's a baby, and he's awake, he's at the table with us.  Toddlers sit on my lap.  By the time they're 4 and 5 years old, it's a comfortable normal for them, so rarely a problem.
    Nope.  Because their issue is not who does the marrying or where it takes place.  Plenty of Christians go the JP route.  AFAIK, there are no Biblical instructions for Christians about the mode or methodology of a wedding, though there's plenty of instruction about behavior before and after marriage.  It is the participants in  the marriage that is an issue for those who oppose gay marriage.  And the issue of homosexuality itself.  Anything outside of male+female in...
We have Magic Jack.   I have mixed feelings.   We're not on the phone a lot as it is.  Primary means of communication has shifted to mostly internet based.  And for making appointments, and stuff like that, it's been OK.  The one thing I've found is that if *anything* else is running on the computer when I make the call (web browser, updates, etc), that will interfere with the call quality.  So before using the phone, I have to go into task manager and close out...
We use a cyber school, but I am the primary teacher.   It was *hard*, starting the school year and being in the first trimester.  Getting a little better now.  But I have *not* been able to start our work until 10 am, which frustrates me because I much prefer an early start and an early finish.
Well, looks like my youngest was correct--we're having a *girl*!   Dh is still recovering from the shock of being wrong.
Ooooh, I have a Celtic toe!!  Never knew there was a name for that! :D
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