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I used to do handpaintedyarn.com co-ops but moved out of the country for a bit.  I'm back now but in school full-time this semester.  I might consider it for the new year, though.
We have also now had two pretty good exposures but nothin'. Is it getting harder to catch as well as harder to find?
No spots yet. 3-5 day incubation, right? I think we may be out of luck again. I actually asked the teacher to ask the family if we could arrange a play date or get a dirty t-shirt. She looked at me like I'm crazy! LOL I saw in the newspaper that if there are 5 or more infected kids in a school, it is considered an outbreak, and non-vaxed kids are not allowed to go to school until it is over. If my kids is going to be home, I want it to be from having the pox,...
Every year we meet friends from Madison to go camping together at the Indiana Dunes. We are hoping to find something that is closer to the halfway point for both parties. Thanks!!
Chicken pox at Klondike Elementary in West Lafayette. The girl who seats in MY SON'S SEAT in the a.m. class! I feel so lucky!!
Quote: Oh, those Birchbark House books sound good! We're getting read to read some Little House books with DD. Actually, I'm sort of compiling a mental list of good books on CD for kids for our road trip coming up in April. I'll add that one. We started the Little House books when DD was about 4 or 5, which imo is too young. There was more racism in the books than I remembered, so the Birchbark House is excellent to counter that sentiment.
I haven't had a lot of time to read for myself as I've been busy with knitting olympics, but I've read some great books with my kids (4 & 7). the Birchbark House by Louise Erdrich - We love Little House books and this was maybe even better! The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry - My kids loved all the anti-grownup sentiment and how I bawled at the end. The Saturdays by Elizabeth Enright - Thanks for the rec! We're loving it.
Quote: Originally Posted by zebrabelly No, I'm sure it's important. We think Juliet was already out of her time somehow before coming to the island. Or something. I have always suspected someting strange with Julliet too. I think she knew what was going to happen/needed to be done all along. Also, I think she was trying to tell Sawyer something to that effect, not "it worked". I'm not saying Miles is lying, because I Miles, but rather that...
Quote: Originally Posted by Freud When the were on the plane that didn't crash, Sayid's passport said he was from IRAN... It looked like it was still a little packet from the CIA, so they may have provided it for him. As for the question, what happened to Flocke when the smoke monster came, remember Ilana's man picked something like a beetle up off the ground? Maybe Flocke changed himself so he wouldn't be attacked? ETA: I thought it was...
Quote: Originally Posted by HeatherAtHome Why do I feel like Juliet will claw her way out of the grave?! As for Richard in chains... I feel like the guy in black had hidden him away for a long time chained up and maybe Jacob had set him free? And that this is the first time Richard and guy in black had seen each other since then. Richard doesn't age so who knows how long it could have been. My goodness! How many people can come back to...
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