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i think it's really a preference thing. With my first I wore sports bras. WIth my second I had 3 nursing bras and I wore tanks with built in shelf bras (not maternity, just regular ones). This time, I'm using a couple of nursing bras and a few sports bras. I've never used nursing shirts. I never thought they were necessary.
I actually put mine back in after not wearing it for 2 yrs. My belly button is so stretched, it just looked funny. The barbell makes it prettier. I wore belly rings all through both of my past pregnancies with no problems.
I see these as fairly separate issues. I had a highly allergic baby. We decided to selectively vax. I'm also delaying a little this time around. IMO, BF or FFing does not change the vaxes or the impact on the immune system significantly. I'm more hesitant to introduce possibly allergenic substances into an allergic child. FTR my child was BF, but if I had switched him to hypoallergenic formula (which I was VERY resistant to and my ped recommended against), I woudl have...
I've never tried it before, but I'm taking it this time. I don't know if it will help, but I don't think it will hurt.
At 30 weeks, baby is still moving around a lot. Even if positioning at the time of the US is perfect, the baby could flip many, many times before the actual birth.
As long as she has some airflow, she's fine. You can rest you r hand on her back and feel her breathing if you need reassurance. Suffocation in a sling is extraordinarily rare.
Quote: Originally Posted by MtBikeLover Thanks for the replies! That's actually exactly what I said. This is how I explained my son's SPD to him, as well as how I explained his friends autism. That their brains just work differently than other ppl's. In this specific case though, impulse control is real issue, imo and as the pp stated, so I'd likely go with that.
Under one, food is for fun. http://www.kellymom.com/nutrition/solids/index.html
My now 3 yr old stands on a stool and pees in the big toilet. You could teach him to pee in the BBLP. Just try and see what he likes.
I do think a visit to a counsellor is warrented. Something is obviously wrong, either with him, or in your relationship. You are not enjoying your child and he is not enjoying you. That's not right. Get the help you need.
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