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I have a cat who recently has been meowing and waking me up at around 5 a.m. Drives me crazy! He did that when he was younger then quit for years and now is back at it. I quickly snap my fingers at him a couple of times and he'll usually shut up. Is your kitty hungry that early maybe? I make sure he has food in his dish before I go to bed but that's not usually the issue. I think he just wants me up and paying attention to him! Like he's really starving for attention...
This is very cool, thanks!
I would just throw it away and say lesson learned. Because believe me, I have splurged like that more times than I care to remember, lol! And speaking of the reed diffusers, I bought some last year only because I went along with a coworker shopping at lunch. She bought some so I did. Now isn't that the dumbest reason to throw away your hard earned money? After I'd had it awhile I decided I didn't even like it so when the oil eventually evaporated I threw it out.
Tradd, thank you so much for sharing!! And I want to thank the pp's also. What a wealth of information here, it's awesome. I don't really have anything to add that's not already here so I'll just subscribe to this thread.
Thanks for this, annettemarie, I will check it out!
I like to have a backup in case of storms since we live in Tornado Alley which is why my husband and I keep our landline in addition to our cell phones. Also, I don't like giving out my cell number to every company/business, whatever, etc. My cell is for friends and family only. ETA: My daughter feels the same way and keeps the bare bones landline along with her and her husband's cells.
You're welcome and good luck to you!
Quote: Originally Posted by RollerCoasterMama Can I just say that I have officially adopted "zombie plan" as my term for my preparing for the worst case scenario tendency. Whether it be impending bad weather, or preparing for the possibility of bed-rest as the single mother of a 3 yr old. Zombie plan is my new favorite phrase. :-D Mine too! Quote: Originally Posted by laohaire Me neither. And that's saying...
I am merciless. A few years ago I had many photos in albums and also many in boxes. It really stressed me out. I went thru every one of them with a large trash bag and threw out doubles, triples, blurs, uninteresting, unknowns, etc. Even the ones I already had in albums I pared down. I felt a twinge of guilt during the process at times and especially when I took the trash bag out to the dumpster but in the end it felt good. I was left with the best moments of mine and my...
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