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Well I now have a whopping 6 months work experience under my belt and I can say that I don't hate it. The long hours can get on your nerves, but I work with some decent non-crazy people and so far, its doable. My oldest daughter is a freshman at Lehigh and my middle daughter is probably off to Scripps college next year. And this is why I did it. To make opportunities for my children. I can do anything, sacrifice anything, to give them a leg up in this dog eat dog world...
sarah, I'm so glad you found something that was a good fit! I finished my last final today. I graduate on Friday, and my oldest daughter graduates from high school on Sunday. I wonder if how many graduating law students also have graduating high school seniors. I bet not many! I'm so relieved that I have a day to travel!
I can't believe it went so fast. I'll be graduating in 2.5 months.
Though we live in the Berkeley area now, we'll be moving to the Peninsula or Fremont in August. I'm interested in any other tips. I have a 5 and 7 year old so really interested in school quality. We don't need the best but we do need somewhere that will work well with my 7 year old who has an IEP for speech problems. He's already been in therapy for 5 years, so this is an ongoing, perhaps forever, issue. Also, how do you find a place to live? Craigslist seems really...
Everyone has already chimed in with some great advice. I'm a 2L now and though I think I made the best decision I could at the time (summer 2007 through spring 2008), I would not make the same decision if I knew the economy was going to tank. I go to a top 10 law school and MANY of my classmates do not have summer internships lined up and many of those who graduated last May that had jobs, got their start dates deferred indefinitely. I honestly cannot imagine that getting...
Yes, I assume that's true, though since my only experience in law school is in a crapped out economy, and in California, one of the worst, I have nothing to compare it to. Several of my classmates did find stuff in DC. Our career services has been telling us for a year that we MUST apply outside of the Bay area (and I did) so I do feel lucky to have found something here. I think I'm just having post-job finding excitement let-down combined with pre-final/paper jitters....
thanks for replying Actually, I think that's exactly it. It's a negative feedback loop. "Are you stressed?" "Oh, I'm so stressed." "I have two papers due in x weeks." "Oh I know, I have a million page paper due tomorrow and haven't even started!"
In 5 weeks I'll be halfway done with law school. I have a job lined up for 2L summer. Why am I so cynical and borderline depressed? All of us 2Ls seem really cynical. Honestly, though I still can't see any other "best" option for me to have chosen 2.5 years ago when I started the process, I don't think I'd suggest it to others. I'm already planning exit options from a job I haven't even tried yet.
Thanks for the tips!
Right now we're living in Albany which has decent public schools. I'm spending my 2L summer at a firm in Menlo Park and hope to receive a permanent offer from them. I've tried just googling, but am not finding a great reference. Of those areas surrounding Menlo Park, which has decent public schools? Or does anyone know of a website that evaluates public schools?
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