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For years we used the Baby Sherpa backpack, it has tons of storage and a cold storage area on the bottom. Really any comfy back pack will do in conjunction with your carrier, I've found the Moby works well for newborns and little ones, then I progressed to the Ergo when the weight of baby and neck control developed. I threw on the wrap and baby, then came the back pack and we are mobile!I loved being free of the cumbersome stroller and would always prefer to schlep...
Thank you, I try to stay mindful about the carbs...and will be more careful to keep to the veggies!
Hi, I'm new to the forum so I don't know all the acronyms for everything, please bear with me. My 22 mo. old is still nursing and eating a pretty good diet, organic foods, brown rice, tofu, pastas, and doesn't drink too much of the sugary drinks (I water down his juice when he asks for it). The problem is that he's 40lbs. while it is sooooo cute right now, he's all chubs and squishy, I am worried that he will stay chubby past toddlerhood. People are saying that I...
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