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It wasn't too bad when my dd was in elementary school.  But now that she is in middle school, there are school fundraisers as well as fundrasiers for the different clubs and things in the school (Band, Student Council, Chorus, Dance Team, and the list goes on and on).  I generally just give a donation to the school and if the Student Council has a dance or something, I donate cupcakes, cookies, etc.
My daughter is 13, 5'6" and weighs 102 pounds.  She has always been at least 80-90% on her percentile for height and 50-60% for weight.  Her pedi isn't too concerned because she eats regularly and snacks as well.  She had gone shopping with some friends and next to them, she is very scrawny.  I am hoping she gains some weight soon.  I thought she would gain some once puberty hit.  For her, the only thing puberty brought on was moodiness.
My daugher is 13 and was also disgusted by the Miley performance.  I did talk to her about the Sinead O'Connor letter as well.  I applaud Sinead for the letter and hope Miley and her camp (as well as other "artist") don't blow it off but really think about what she had written.
I joined in 2000, but haven't been around much lately.  My daughter is now 13 and I have become the cab driver and bank (lol).
HI, I am in the same situation.  We started streaming netflix about two months ago and most of the shows we watch our dvr'd.  Usually over the summer I suspend my satellite, and then when winter hits and we are home more, I start it up again.  I'm torn and think I may wait until summer again and see what happens.
After reading your post, I feel like I could've written it about six months ago.  My daughter is 11 and was ready to go bra shopping.  I was definitely not ready to buy the padded bras, but after trying on a few, it was what she was most comfortable in.  She still wears the camis w/the shelf, a good bit, and she really doesn't look much different in them, sometimes I can't even tell which she has on.
My daughter just finished reading Theodore Boone, Kid Lawyer by J. Grisham and absolutely LOVED it.  I have never read any of his adult book and was wondering if any are appropriate for a tween.  My daughter really liked to read mystery, thriller types of books. she is on an advanced level at school and my concern is not whether or not she will understand it, but are some a little too "adult" for a younger child.  Your thoughts?
Daughtry - Over You and No Surprise Shania Twain - Nah!
DD has been complaining about admin and aides at lunchtime.  At her school they now have a noise sensored traffic signal to monitor the noise.  If it gets too noisy the traffic signal goes to red and makes a beeping noise.  She said it is crazy and that some of the kids thinks its funny so will go up to it and make noise.  Of course then, the WHOLE cafeteria gets in trouble, which I think is absolutely insane.  There are days also when no one is allowed to talk at lunch...
My dd just went. She is in the 5th grade as well.  I was worried a little, but my main concern was whether she would be warm enough.  I thought about going to the camp during the day, but made up in my mind that this little adventure would be good for her.  SHE LOVED IT. Our school district calls it outdoor school and they have so many things for the kids to do and learn.  This was the first time my daughter had been away for more than a sleepover w/o me or her dad.  It...
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