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That ratio of teachers:kids is really good.  I agree with a previous poster that something could be done to have one teacher or aide focus on those kids.  Most public schools would kill for that kind of ratio.  It would take a little creativity, but I have no doubt they could figure it out.
Well..... I guess I'd just write a letter describing your family/dd?  I mean, right?
Coral, The school doesn't need to host it.  The PTO can do it.
saraem, I would encourage you to really listen to your instincts.  There is a difference between warm, peaceful and loving; and restrained, aloof and judgemental. I have found that at our local waldorf school, the "in" people that are in the community claim the former.  But to anyone coming in new, or outside the inner circle, the experience is much the latter.   
Um....  Aren't there any Waldorf teachers that are men??   About 1/2 of the teachers at my kids' school (public magnet, non-waldorf) are men.
parsley - I'll look into it, thanks!  
Thanks, pigpokey, that's helpful.  I'll give it a tril run on part of her hair :)
OK, I found this temporary hair dye:  http://www.sallybeauty.com/Styling-Mousse/SBS-700562,default,pd.html    Not too pricey, I'll let you know if it works!    
Ha, Kool-aide!  I guess that's a lot better than drinking it....  
Her hair is kind of light/med brown.  Does henna wash out?  Will it be decidedly reddish, or just sort of red-if-the-light-hits-it kind of thing?
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