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UPDATE   after 3 trips to the PS playground, (which IS in reality Unsupervised,,,I SPIED FROM A DISTANCE)  HS/US DD shared her feelings of heartbreak from BULLYING.   Needless to say, she will no longer be joining her "friends" on the ps playground as it has been discovered an "unsafe" place for her at this time.   This lack of "safety" was determined mutually after discussion.   She is in the process of discovering many of her choices lead her to...
I think the emotions are similar on each "side" in discussions/misunderstandings about homeschooling, schooling and unschooling. Fear being one emotion that is part of the current, much of the time. Of course This fear is ANOTHER discussion. It does seem to make sharing and learning more difficult. However; when I acknowledge the fear as an aspect of the discussion, I find I am able to be as empathetic as I would like and enjoy each perspective.
they all offer their modality NDS will give ya lots of nutrition eventually hormones, supplying all the foundation stuff TCM will give you chinese herbs and acu acu will needle you MD will test you and give drugs Read susan weed menopause book she kinda lays out the options in a graduating fashion gentlest to strongest. IVe done them all, and all these eventually I was taking so much stuff to "control" my symptoms Today I am weaning off it all...
hormones peri menopause sleep disturbance is a common early sign
i had an old kitchenaid portable that was dynamite for years ! with a nice wood top. Now I have used a whirlpool x 3 years with good results still clean dishes in hard water.
Im An American in Canada. We came to the mountains in BC 6 years ago!!! We call BC "BRING CASH" Thus the retirees and green bud. There are recruitment agencies for needed skilled workers. If the province needs you, they make it verry easy In BC the recruitment agency for health care workers is called HealthmatchBC. They paved the way for us. It took about 30 thousand dollars to fast track everything. Bought a house, working etc. in BC, in less than 6...
after numerous invitations, and merciless nagging I finally let Hs dd,7, join her village friends at the PS for lunchtime and recess she is an only in a village where we must seek out playmates the "new" teacher was gracious and welcoming the classroom was not inviting. her friends who usually scream up and down and hug when they see her were grumbling at their desk loud hip hop was playing, the teacher apologized. I guess kids choose lunchtime music. I...
My almost 5 year old broke the glass of our wedding chalice knocked it off the alter during a tantrum. I'm with ya mama HAve you seen the rose quartz lamps???????
CAnt wait to read. I LLLLLLLLOOOOOVEVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEE UC couldnt do it, im a midwife and dh is a doctor lol BUT when we needed inspiration, UC is where WE went!!!! and then inside of course XXXXXXXXXXX00000000000 colleen
Can't Comprehend What The Elites Are Doing? Read Naomi Klein's "shock Doctrine". It Is Not An Accident That It Is Difficult To Comprehend Their Actions.
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