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Check it out http://www.circleofhealthintl.org/em...lout050131.htm
Check it out!! http://www.circleofhealthintl.org/em...lout050131.htm
Look at Tori Hudsons " Women's Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine" as well. She outlines a great natural program as well. Do not take mega doses of vitamins while your'e TTC. Sometimes how mega doses work is by upsetting the status quo............don't want to upset endometrium.
had a leep had a baby next year used Tori's systemic as well as local tx. Yeah I had a long labor, but I don't think it was cx.
So I'm not the only Little House fan? we read them over and over years ago, and I too gleaned tons of simple living inspiration from them !! Oh, the good old days!!
Providers for a variety of reasons; 1) to squeeze in more deliveries 2) to get it over with and go home..........sleep 3) The "time clock" of "safe " delivery. 4) They need the bed. hurry labor along by Pitocin induction, usually necessitating epidural. epidurals without artificial stimulation often can slow labor
I'm trying to get an understanding of the "leaky gut" problem, and how to heal it, so we can overcome thjis stuff.
my nuslings got OM when I drank dairy,they were getting it through my milk and allergic!
I see the present medicalization of childbirth and the rise in epidural PARTLY driven by insurance companies. To pay malpractice these days, and your staff, and have your bucks too at the end, providers must deliver MORE women in the same amount of time they used to, They would not get a wink of sleep if everyone or almost everyone was not induced and managed and sectioned. Birth , left to it's own devices takes time. Time that docs and labor wards often don't have....
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