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WOW I too find myself getting SO defensive when Suzannah started questioning. KIds minds are like sponges. You cannot keep them from learning. That is what they are wired to do. It is natures design. Thier interests/needs are spontaneous, and come from WITHIN. Not from us. Spend a day with a child. DO NOT TRY TO TEACH HIM OR HER ANYTHING. If you pay attention You will learn alot.
Queen Gwen, You are not alone. We too have multiple food restrictions which complicate life. Definetly complicates NT stuff. Like Yayayaya, It doesnt look like sneaking in spelt is gonna be the answer for the fact that wheat is NOT our friend. I'll be chucking the 25# bag of spelt. I'm just gonna have to take it slower. And being a perfectionist doesnt help, cause I wanna do it all right, NOW!! HAng in there.................I am (: Colleen
I'll go back and dredge up the title and author for you. I guess for me, the understanding was so groundbreaking I was satisfied to stop and roll around in the "understanding" part for awhile ! But Now I'm asking the same question. Now What? Taking the skills that worked well in The World Like management skills, and applying them at home. (The hard part for ME is knowing and feeling deserving of my needs. i'm used to putting myself at the bottom of the...
Any Sundance People here?
The glorious sun had me out and about today. A welcome hint of Spring and inspiration for growth! All is as it should be. We'll have a roaring fireplace tonight!! Peace Colleen
PS.you do not need crazy mom relationship.
I Divorced my parents a year and a half ago. NO Contact. Dh dumps her crazy mail. I wanted to see it the first 6 montths or so. Now I'm not even tempted. If I see her handwriting at my kids house etc. I don't even look. "Don't pet a burning dog" we say in our domestic violence recovery group. They are both sick and crazy. It was too long in coming. Im 45! Not easy, sometimes complicated, sometimes lonely, ALWAYS SAFE, pretty happy,no longer suffering in the...
Congrads on your new bundle !!! (I dont keep up) 1 1/2 weeks soooo sweet. Me too, had a rough day yesterday, I'm blaming the Scorpio waning moon. Scouring out our insides. I think I got 2 hours sleep after all was said and done..........no caffeine, no ETOH, just emotional stress! SLow down. Take it easy. Please. 1 1/2 weeks is so precious. You are both still very open. Be gentle gentle on yourself. hugs Colleen
Signing on. Thanks Mt. Mom for getting us started. I will continue to seek out clean meat source. Sure I have a butcher here in town........but..........it's so scary!!! When we don't have sources for clean meat, Other than ground buffalo and chickens. Its hard for me to go buy the commercial stuff. I would love a bag of beef or bison bones.. What do you do? Go without the meat? Pray over the grocery store stuff? or eat beans?
Signing on. Whew, dp and myself sure did some deep work with this Scorpio moon! Just in time for THE LIGHT YEEEESSSSSSS!!!! Anybody else feeling this? Happy Holiday Peace Colleen
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