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I have many trad. decks shelved, they have served me well, I just don't seem to be in the groove or something. Not feeling clear as I'd like and was drawing blanks or blocks............... I had turned to my good old Osha Zen which is so gentle until I bought The GOddess Guidance Oracle cards as a Solstice gift for my DIL. I'm liking the oracle work. It is so direct. Not reliant on my interpretation. Just Instruction, like; "go outside, now" "play with your...
HI You All!! Just found you!! Subscribing and will be lurking around. Unenrolled, blue eyes and used to be a blonde and OK with it after years of suffering and doubt. Not out to prove anything anymore about how "Indian" I am on the outside. Decided its whats in my heart that counts. Mother Earth is my mother. NIce to meet ya.
I'm looking for an old favorite. Poppyseed cake recipe from Diet for a small planet Anyone??? TIA Colleen
Thanks Naturalmother for showing up and sharing. Thanks Toraji too!!! I too suffered PPD after a mostly veg. pregnancy. The longer off meat the worse I became!! I have been watching this thread,learning mostly!.. You seem so knowledgable! How did you discover that your sympyoms may be nutritional?Who guided you? I saw your lovely photos, and Growing up in the west slope of the Cascades I am so curious where you are located!Reminds me of home. I too am so...
Yep,. i pulled mine out of the freezer. Even took the first print from blood then I used paint. Turned out beautiful!
YAAAAAA!!!!!! Trust yourself and trust your daughter.
Mass suicides? When? WHERE?
never I divorced my parents a few years ago it has been extremely healing and empowering for me This is for those of you in the same boat you are not alone peace colleen
Tandy is a huge leather goods store, maybe not in Canada. I'm thinking they have home tanning kits and supplies. I too made a placenta print, a bunch of them, in fact. Blood at first, then paint. Framed it with red velvet keyhole shaped mat, to accomodate "tree" and a dark knobby heavy frame. It's gorgeous!!
I have babe's placenta and cord in the freezer. What I really want to do is tan/preserve her coed like leather and make bracelets/necklace for her and myself. I have not tracked down supplies/instructions yet. Tandy is on my list Peace
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