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What is "The CIRCLE"?
I heard one remedy for these guys, Sew them up in the sheets while snoozing. then do what you need.
Signing on here. Waiting to hear more about the kitchenaid flour mill. Looking for Canadian source as well. I'm guessing there may be some used out there, as people burn out on this kind of thing. I too am abit overwhelmed. Trying to follow the kefir thread...no dairy WHEW!! Just plop them in juice? I cant decipher. And who/what is DOM? TIA (just figured out what that means)LOL Colleen
ok, I was planning on stocking up on eucalan as I am in Canada. I'm open to trying these others but not open to all the fees at the border. Any Canada sources? TIA Colleen
This started out as a pm to a depressed mama, answering her list of questions so it's scattered. When I was finished I realized maybe it could help other mamas so here goes. HI again I'm so anti med, but PPD took so much away from us, and I hear stories that it clears up some women so well........that if I birth again I will consider taking meds. I refused antidepressants, but I did EVERYTHING else. Thousands of $ of testing. Discovered heavy metal poisoning,...
Signing On Happy New Year I was reminded this am how important our POSITIVE energy is needed on the planet at this time rather than obsessing, fearing etc. Send LOVE in addition to money Some ideas, http://www.thank-water.net/english/prayer.htm
Thanks Everybody!! Got the vinegar. Rejuvelac sounds easy enough. Are people using kefir grains in liquids besides milk? How? I located grass fed cow. Natural alfalfa fed. Tell me about "grass fed" beef. Can they have any grains? 6 weeks of organic barley was suggested by my butcher to"finish"......no feed lot sluge. Or is it strictly grass grass grass. Butcher suggested if I get grass only cow, to butcher in late Sept. would be best time for meat. I don't...
Wow it is all so staggering. Sending money seems ...removed. The thought of adopting seems more real, what I would want for my kids if they were orphaned.is.......my family. Peace Colleen
This is from The Farm Vegetarian Cookbook Melty Nutritional Yeast Cheese 1 c. nutritional yeast flakes 3 TBS. cornstarch 1TBS white flour 1 1/2 tsp. salt 2-3 c. water 1 c. oil 1/2 tsp.garlic powder 2tsp. wet mustard Gradually add water to dry ingredients in a cool pan, whisking as you add. Cook until it bubbles and gets thick for about 30 seconds. Remove from burner, and whip in mustard and oil. Use water to desired consistency. Pour this on pizza and...
Whew!!! That's alot. Sorry if I rambled. Colleen
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