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What did you think? I reccommend it.
what colors does your pendulum say yes to?
WOW THANKS FOR THE POST ABOUT ANGER. Our almost 4 dd is the most angry, aggressive kid I've ever seen. We are trying to get in touch with OUR anger to help her. It is SO hard to not get triggered when she is slugging me in the face. I do withdraw a bit. any more ideas/ experience? trying to create a safe place for expressing it seems to make her more afraid and then angrier. we are nopw trying to prepare before,...when she is not upset. not much luck yet. thanks...
desperate of course.
Also, make sure dp is owning his anger. You are very open and could be picking up his anger too. take care.
I am an old retired, experienced mom and midwife. I had a baby 3 years ago. At 43. I had serious PPD. Yes it was hormonal rage. BUT the rage (with Therapy) helped me crack open hidden wounded , shut down parts of myself. Opened me to EMOTIONAL HEALING. I have had lots of support through therapists. I have found a group to continue this work with. It is a powerful message, your body is trying to tell you. Someone is screaming. Probably your inner child. Go ahead and...
so interesting!!! dd-3 1/2 must be a crystal child. I have kids 22, 25 and 19 and this new one is from a completely different place. No doubt. She is a big heALER. SHE PICKS STRANGERS AND INITIATES CONTACT AND HUGS. THEY ALWAYS SAY "WOW, SHE KNEW HOW MUCH I NEEDED THAT !!" WE have gotten used to it. I guess I want to know more about her needs.
I guess I don't understand going back to a provider who has already blown it once and you already don't trust her,. ..I see women here do it out of "loyalty" this relationship needs sorted out. good thing you have nine months to work it out
I saw a c-section without anesthesia as a nurse. Last ditch effort. of course. understood the situation at the time pt walks in, FHT 50's. WDYD?
My family was caught in the crossfire between police cars chasing and shooting at fleeing car at a truck stop in New Mexico.
New Posts  All Forums: