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I wanted to share some interesting info that helped me understand my PPD. In a book about transitioning from career to home with baby (sorry I forgot title etc.) A study was done on women and happiness. Comparing women's happines at home, in work and relationships/marriage. What they discovered was that the essentials are the same. Women need feelings of "Mastery" and "Measurable achievements" to be happy. We can all see how we develop and experience "mastery"...
I too am having a hard time getting back on track. Especially hard to just throw out all this food after guests all left. And My BIG question. Any no dairy NT Mamas out there? I'm soaking grains in salt. And they are slimy by morning. I am eating them but not enjoying it! Appreciate your help. Thanks ahead of time. Peace, Colleen
2-4 eggs separated 1 1/2 c. milk (any kind) 1/4-1/2 c. oil 1-2 TBS brown sugar or honey 2 tsp. baking powder 1/2 tsp. salt 2 c flour Beat egg whites till foamy to lightly stiff mix egg yolks, milk and oil in bowl mix dry together add dry to wet fold in egg whites very good. Doubles easily. # of eggs, not critical. i pour seeds, flax, sesame whatever on batter. good luck Colleen
That is sooo cool,Thank you ALL BB Peace Colleen
I put out my question on the Dec. pagan thread. Dh is Jewish. his family practiced loosely, so he has No strong feelings. I am pagan and will celebrate Solstice as I always have with my children, with a Yule tree and symbols of life and nature and the returning sun. I love Dh and his family and want to raise our daughter with a sense of belonging and reverence. Both of our ancestry includes genocide. We are lucky to be here and to have anything intact from our...
Happy Hannukah! Tonight is the first night of Hannukah. I am a pagan/red road/witch. Dh is Jewish. His family were light, barely practicing Jews. The history of my husband's people touches me as I am part Native and relate to people of genocide. I love him and his family more than my own. We have a toddler, and I would like to honor this tradition respectfully. Their tradition of light. anyone else here? Thanks Blessed Be Colleen
Bar-B-Que, swim in the pool.........and there are Walmarts everywhere......tee hee
You can add my washer, dryer and dishwasher to Mercury's havock ! Had to replace them last week, 2nd washer still won't work! Whew! Getting whipped here! Peace, Colleen
PS Dh and I went on th blood type diet at the urging of friend/naturopath. He dropped WEIGHT!!!! OMG did he lose!!! From a 40 waist to a 36. I can remember crying to dh when I was pregnant/postpartum vegetarian, that I felt like I was at a feed lot. Grains ,grains, grains. Of course I have not lost any weight on the bloos type diet, .......of course I cheat more than he does. I am happier eating meat. We are type O, which means more meat. I am also part...
Glad you survived it Mountain Mom. I have been watching here. I have had such a food journey. Trying all sorts of "diets". At one point we were strict macrobiotic. It was fantastic journey. And interesting................... I could cure my kids with shitake mushroom water. Just balance out their yin a little with a little more contractive food blah, blah, blah. I thought I was soo cool. Until we were travelling for an extended time period. We could not touch...
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