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MAmatoFAllion Thanks for the ideas. I need that kind of nudge sometimes! Peace Colleen
Been following this for a few days...glad you're doin better GaleForce. My story includes recovering from PPD...........starting with adding back animal products. Amino acids, minerals, then excellent results with Sam-E. Being NO DAIRY............we soak grains with a bit of VINEGAR!! seems to work well. Good luck everyone, food is such an adventure Peace Colleen
Straggling here. please someone pm or e-mail me wiith info on draft talk, I have 2 sons in the states, I am in Canada. also I'd love to partipcte in FM circle..... Thanks Peace Colleen
Just a thought.......sleep with your baby. They seem to be able to make up for missing you during the day. I've seen this with my kids as well as others. Good luck with your Job setting, what a good example you are. Peace Colleen
Hi Bless your heart, S. I am so glad you are on here because you know, I read the posts and don't have time to respond. love, colleen
i was just thinking how i might feel if the administration shared my religion and was pushing my agenda of the sacred, world peace, tolerance, environmentalism, protection and exhaltation of children. we would probably have a war on our hands. there must be people out there who object to the way the current administration is USING them. Using their religion. Using their beliefs and fears and doubts to push forward a political, perhaps evil agenda. would it be safe...
Yep, yep, I was thinking maybe a little PPD too. Takking care of ones self with young children is very difficult for me too. Rest, and make sure youre getting enough B vitamins, esp. B12 That means at least 100mg of each per day. None of this 5mg. stuff helps much. 8 weeks from delivery is such a sacred time.Reach out. With my PPd experience, a good walk/talk with a girlfriend was worth a couple therapy sessions! My symptoms decreased 50% with breaking...
She needs to get ahold of fear. Fear is not her friend and the baby feels it. I like to encourage moms like this to tallk to the baby,massage her tummy and reassure the baby. It will in turn calm HER down. Being scared can keep her from sliding into labor. Is her baby moving? Listen to FHT with even a Toilet paper tube . Clear fluid is no guarantee, just reassuring, meconium fluid is not necessarilly bad, just information......maybe a mature baby.And yes, her body...
This I have seen many times Including my own body She needs to listen to her heart and her baby... reassure her baby, The big "countdown" of "how long it is safe to be ruptured" starts, not at time of rupture, but time of EXAM to delivery should be 24 h.approx. Good Luck Peace Colleen
NOTHING in the vagina sounds like she is ruptured and probably in very early labor. rest,eat, love, trust. Her body knows what to do. Peace, Colleen
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