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Years ago (20)....when my kids were small, their favorite Lullaby tape was titled "Lullabys from around the World"...... including the song All The Pretty Horses. Im searching for the tune to the lullaby.................ANYBODY??????????????????? Thanks Colleen
My heart goes out to you all. I suffered similar story. This is what helped me. Being in reality. Keep people around you who love you and nurture you. If they don't or can't, get them out of your life. Learn to ask yourself 1) what am I thinking 2)what am I feeling 3) what do I want 4) What do I need. This is very difficult for abuse survivors, we don't have experience here. Eventually you will get to know your wants and needs, so you can model...
I have been observing my Baby and TV for 18 months now, we dont have the tv on much. Mostly for VCR/DVDs of our choosing.........and they are also usually inappropriate for baby. I read the book "Fast Food Nation" and learned what junk food marketers have planned for our children/BABIES!!!!!!!!!! The plan is roughly this. 1)brand recognition (THE 'M') (Ronald) (The Star) etc. by 18 months!!!!!!!! 2)brand loyalty by age 5 ( I want McDonalds) 3)REFUSING other...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jen123 We restrict television here. A lot. No flipping of channels to "find " something. The values on tv are poor and NEVER match our own , my kids are less creative when watching tv , my kids are MEANER when they watch tv (very impaitent with noise), and they fall into the trap of always being entertained and never entertaining themselves. They beg , yes actually beg for things they see , they want to fit in thru clothing...
I have used wool sweaters from second hand store, boiled them to shrink tight. Cut into shape to fit over cloth,then OMG ..........used pins to secure them. The weave was so tight, no trim,or sewing at all, and no problem with unravelling from thick sweaters. no leaks either. Without lansinoh! Not fancy, but functional.
WOW thats great news, I didn't know. Baking with flax oil, cool! Thanks! cm
Dont heat it. use cold only. don't cook with it.
We add flax oil to salad dressings, smoothies, yogurt, dribble it on fried rice, dribble it on anything it can hide in.....plain brown rice. Smoothies hide it well. good luck
I used to buy an underarm product, natural Lavilan at $12.00 for 1/8 oz. or something crazy. The main ingredient was zinc oxide. I have used zinc oxide and one app. lasts a week or so. apply to pit hair after good cleansing. No bugs livin in zinc oxide.
YES YES The aminos really helped. I had a similar experience with tryptophan. It cleared my head. Doing the labwork for CBC, AA, heavy metals, fats , hormones, is a good idea for starters...too. Never know what will turn up to help. Thank you for the resources you gave they are awesome. Intentfulady
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