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just read Having Faith. Thank You I LOVED IT !! The most amazing read here: The Lost Language of Plants INCREDIBLE
I would like to hear examples why Oregon midwives and birthing families are better off in Oregon than they were before legislation. I am focused on preserving what is being lost. The art of midwifery. The spirit.
Yes!! I was there. When midwives insisted on legitimacy. http://www.activistmagazine.com/inde...=450&Itemid=56
draggin in here we did not have an opportunity to do it at the time. Workin the ER and Vomiting baby at home !!!!! today is our first free day. Should we wait too ?? WDYT ???
Tracy, Tyanks so much ...again I was just looking at my map yesterday. I have manifsted much of what is on the board. I am learning that I am especially good at manifesting, and that this is a lower chakra thing. I am underdeveloped in the higher chakras. Guess this will be on the board. Cheers colleen
the wok, I have used, on my patio and under stove fan. The charcoal bar-b-que works nicely too, all contained.
looking for a good chinese or nat med doc in E. brunswick NJ.. Thanks !!
BTW, Shantimama. Any pointers about using the EMDR? I wsa not "preperaed" much last time. ...at all frankly. It worked wonders on ONE incident. I have thousands of incidents and not THAT much money !! would love to jumpstart healing from the PTSD stuff.
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