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Three hours. A homebirth, all natural, 21 hours of labor total. I'm surprised I'm falling into the most common category, since I always thought three hours was considered a really long time to push (or unacceptably long to OB's. I had a CNM). I figured I would have ended up with a c-section if I had been in a hospital. Although if it's not considered pushing if it is a reflex, maybe I didn't push at all? Not to be gross, but that stage of labor always reminded me more of...
Hi! I'm trying to defend my choice - years ago - to delay the Hep B shot for my kids (someone I know - a doctor, in fact - said some pretty insulting things about "anti-vaxxers"), but I can't seem to find any of the data I originally based my decision on. Can anyone point me in the direction of  stats on the risk of Hep B infection in children under four whose mothers aren't infected, and current info on the risks associated with the shot?
Where were the "solid, proven facts" in the article? Perhaps your link is broken, but all I saw were stats about the number of selective and non-vaxers coupled with a deliberately subjective (the author talks about not liking statistics!) rant about deaths from vax preventable illnesses - without any mention of deaths from vaccine reactions whatsoever.
I'll add the length of pregnancy/child spacing info: #!: 42.5 weeks #2: also 42.5 weeks, 2 years later (neither was induced) #3: 40 weeks, 2 years later #4: 41 weeks, 4 years later   Not much of a pattern there, I guess: my babies just tend to be late.
Yes, very predictably! #1 was 21 hours; #2 was 8 hours; #3 was 4 hours,  #4 was 2 hours (didn't manage to get the birth pool ready in time!)
I feel incredibly stupid for this, but apparently my 9 year old daughter's dentist has been giving her x-rays every six months even though I explicitly asked him not to. I didn't recognize the x-ray machine for what it was, since it was different from those I remembered from my own appointments long ago (God, I sound like such an idiot...). At every other appointment, I was asked whether or not an x-ray was ok, and I just assumed when I said "no", they respected my wishes;...
I don't see the difference between these "bribes" or "rewards" and any other trade or economic transaction. They actually imply a certain measure of equality, since a person with enough power doesn't need to strike a bargain to get what s/he wants - and, like a previous poster pointed out, the person with more power can be either one (although the police officer example is really more complicated, since i involves a punishment in the first place which someone is...
Some disturbing comments on that article... :
Quote: Originally Posted by Night_Nurse tell her how there's no extra care of intact babies (wipe like a finger - no retraction) Not to mention, if she's ever going to babysit, you'll definitely want her to know this anyway!
Quote: Originally Posted by perspective ursusarctos- I think of it the other way around. Instead of circumcision being the cause of emotional issues for men, I think circumcision is just another sign of the detached way males are often treated in society. (Like, his body parts have less value and damage to his body is "manly") Well, it's a cycle isn't it - circumcision sends that message across loud and clear to the subconscious, I...
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