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Quote: Originally Posted by Mary-Beth My neighbor gave us a bunch of clothes her daughter has outgrown...one of the items was a blue's clue's sweatshirt...my dd1 was wore it today to the gym and a lady asked her, "whose that on your shirt?" my dd1 said, "looks like a dog and some ladybugs." The lady said, "what's the dog's name?" and dd1 said, "I don't know I never named the dog on my shirt." It was just so funny...I explained that we don't know the...
Absolutely. Life would not be smoother without him in it, but life sure is smoother when he is gone for a week or so. I feel bad admmitting it, but it really is true.
ditto that, my 8 mo old, 2 year old and 4 year old all go to the preschool story time that is really for 3-5 yr olds. You can start going now i'm sure.
Did you ask if home sessions are available by chance/
oh, I forgot... when we were moving a little boy in our playgroup brought my oldest some flowers he picked to her weaning party [no gift party] and she still, over a year later, talks about her beautiful red flowers from William. They meant a lot to her, even though they weren't wrapped in a shiny box with bold lettering. I would thinking bringing some flowers or her favorite fruit would be just as special.
All in all it seems silly to me that we think the lack of a slew of gifts is deprivation. If you look at the world around us, it is obviously an abundance and not a deprivation. If you MUST give something, take the money you would have spent- donate to a childrens charity [i personally love the ones that provide for an education for a child who otherwise wouldn't get one] and give it to them in a card. She can learn that her not getting a gift that year enabled another...
I have three, a 4.5, a 2.5, and an 8 month old. My 8 month old is very grabby and busy and my 2 year old is very high energy, high needs. My 4.5 year old could easily get lost int he crowd if I let her, she is so calm and patient...So I know the dance you speak of. Some of the thing we do- obviously nap time is a focus time for my older two. I'm not above grabbing food and doing an art project or focussed activity with one or both of the older two while I eat....
i've been to lots of ''classes'' and never had a teacher chit chat during the class or try to sell anything. I wouldn't sign up. The Y here has some great classes, as does our arts center [music/art classes] and libraries, home depot has a thing, most art museums have kids workshops. Call around, there has to be better options.
I though my third would be my smallest baby.. just a gut feeling. There must have been a mistake in the instinctmessage system because she was my largest. lol. plan on it, be prepared.. but try not to be to anxious or disappointed if babe isn't here early. Who knows, maybe your instincts are better than mine, hehe.
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