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That is why we consider them family time activities- we work on them together in a group adn they are up teh rest of the time. As with any toys with small parts. Really though, kids can choke on everything from toilet paper to grapes- it doesn't make the product inherently unsafe.
lol, yes.. she was a big big girl. My first was 8.8, then 10.12 now 12.8...Dh got a vasectomy after her birth.. we are just not going to go for 14lbs.
hey, we've done the peanut butter thing http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a1...utter004x2.jpg ok, so i didn't exactly HAND it to them. LOL Another thing I found they like is paper dolls... my husband likes making the ''templates'' and i help the girls decorate the clothes and they each have a little box started for the paper doll and various outfits. just one outfit so far. As a side note, i'd do this with boys to- it is a lot of fun and trying to get the 'tabs'...
Great ideas, thanks so much... we do a lot of them, and many are also fresh ideas. for anyone else looking, origami is a really fun thing... mom and dad fold and kids amuse themselves endlessly with the products. Dad has really taken to storytelling while folding and the kids take off on his ideas oncet he folded item is in their hands. Great family time activity.
what are bark blocks? For anyone else looking for ideas I made fairy wands out of a thin stick/branch by gluing two star felt pieces together over one end and tying a few ribbons on. I also finished the ends with a thread and needle, but purely for cosmetic reasons. it has lasted longer then I expected it to.
wow, thank you all so much.... i am thinking homemade toy making will be a big part of our family time. DH and i need more things that compell and interest us while amusing the kids to and all these seem perfect. thank you all so much.
My family always make comments like that butin the end, they've come to really respect the differences and respect how much we find to do without the TV. People are always telling me that TV is educational and i'm doing my kids a disservice... my one friend told me she felt sorry for my kids. shrug
ooohhh... my kids are counters, they'd love that.
hope i can join in... we were tv free since our oldest was born. My kids are 4.5, 2.5, and 8 months. With the birth of our youngest and her hospitilization at 7 weeks we did start watching some videos on the computer. Never daily, more like every few weeks- but when we did turn it on it would be on for a few hours so dh could work or I could tend to the baby. I hate it, and feel pretty guilty about it. but dh had to keep working and I was in a bit over my head. I...
that is adorable, lol.
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