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I heard back from Kristen so I got a suggestion- thanks!
Right, but it asks for bra size and I get 3 different size suggestions that are very different 2, 5, 7 I think htey are tailored for women.
I lost my sling earlier today... and then found it... in the dryer It is my 10 wk olds only happiness in the world and it is to tight now. WAHHH! I need to order another one tonight... but thought I'd order one for my DH as well and I don't know what size... i'd ask Kristen, but I don't want to wait a day or two for her reply to make my order since I'm in a rush. Any idea what size he would need? He is 6'4, 220lbs, 34" from shoulder to hip, 45 around the chest....
great, thanks momtwice for those suggestions! I'm making some changes now... I'm glad I asked Thanks everyone! The reason they automatically restrained is b/c she was only 7 weeks old and was unable to hold still by request. If she had been on her side or tummy she would have done better, but newborns (at least mine) are very unsteady on their backs unless it is a plush surface. so there was lots of reflexes going on and such.
Can anyone help me edit this so I can send it off? If anyone wants to help- I'd love to see similar letters go out to hospitals all over the world. You don't think about it until you need it- but when you have a sick child, it isnt always the right time for advocacy. Dear Care Providers, This letter is in regards to my daughter’s stay at XXXXX Hospital June 16 and 17. Overall her care was well taken for, and there was an obvious...
wow, thanks! i'm printing these out now!
Sorry it took me so long to come back here... long story. The diaper never shifted- the ties were wide rather than skinny and the material wasn't slippery. So it just gripped and stayed. Of course I was using it under proraps at the time, maybe some covers it wouldn't stay so well with. The ties never tangles in the wash, I think because they were wide and flat instead of thin and small. I've tried other tie diapers, and I think the key is in wide flat ties...
Thank you!
My DD is like this as well- 10 weeks- it started around 4-5 wks. She is having some kidney troubles though, and been sick- sp I think she is just generally uncomfortable. I'll share what I've found works to help her- it might work for you, it might not. The most important thing I've found to help are to help her asleep before she gets to screaming. If it starts around 7, try to get her asleep for the night at 6. I know it seems early, but all of my babes slept from 6pm...
I really need this article: http://aapgrandrounds.aappublication...nt/full/9/4/37 What Imaging Studies, If Any, Are Needed After a First Febrile Urinary Tract Infection... Friedman et al. AAP Grand Rounds.2003; 9: 37-38. And I can't access it because i'm not a member : I tried to join, but it appears I have to be a member of the medical community to join.
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