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Quote: Originally Posted by TheGirls I assume this is for your 14 month old? I wouldn't bother with towels or pool noodles for a child that old. It can be pretty upright. What I do is kneel in the seat and tighten until it starts to slip out of the lock off area, then do the lockoffs. The lockoffs help tighten it up a bit. I have a very solid install, and it takes me about 2 minutes (3 if the baby is "helping") Thank you very much I'm...
Thanks just_lily That sounds like our afternoon Hubby says it is a great carseat if you want to FF, but the design for RF is awful!
Mmm, my daughter is long and skinny, so I think she may outgrow the myride easily in height. Will keep the evenflo in mind if we can't get the TF installed tomorrow
I did wash the cover, DH didn't plan on telling the store that when returning it We took it out of the car so DH could go to work, so I can't take a picture, but as best I can describe it... When tightening the latch belt, it slips down and back, out of the lock off area. You then have to slip it back into place, try tightening it again, and then slip it back, again. We managed to get it in place and tight twice, once with it touching the seat still, but that time we...
I'm not interested in the name of the brand, or I wouldn't have bought the True Fit I am interested in maximum RF and harness life.
I got mine cheap at Motherhood Maternity... I think they were around $10-12 each. I also grabbed a few at a Bali/Playtex outlet and paid about $20 each, but they have a buy 2 get one free, so it worked out to about the same as Motherhood I could not go with a regular bra, DD still nurses frequently throughout the day!
I hadn't heard anything about this, but as our new TF may not work, I went hunting for the Marathon to see if it would be our next best choice. I found the Advocate. It seems to be much the same as the TF (RF to 35 lbs, FF harnessed to 65 lbs). Anyone know about shell height or anything else? It is way expensive... but, definitely something I want to know about.
Made an appointment with the sheriff's department for tomorrow. Hopefully they can help.
I have never wanted to beat something into the ground so badly!!!! In order to have the level indicator level with the ground, we have to tilt the seat back a good 6 inches, at least. So we called for help and they told us a pool noodle or a towel (neither of which tips it back enough, so we had to put a stack of towels). Then when we go to tighten it, the only way to get it tight enough to not shift is to push it so far into the seat that, guess what? It is no longer...
I'm back there for company. If she is asleep, or due for a nap at the same time we need to go somewhere, I will sit up front with the 'adults' But most of the time I am in the back so we can play, talk, etc and keep Squig a happy camper.
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