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 My second son at 5 weeks old.
LOL, funny topic. I had an enormous crush on Sherlock Holmes. What can I say, I was drawn to cold distant intellectual men.
Too Bad to Leave, Too Good to Stay is a good book to read. I left for that reason. I sometimes wonder if it was the right choice, but for me, a loveless marriage was insufferable. I didn't want a partner or a companion, I wanted someone to love.
Do something to make yourself feel good. I bought a purse. It's my divorce handbag. I paid full price. It's worth it.
I went back to my maiden name. It was a hard decision, since I am a doc and all my degrees/publications were in my married name, but after weighing the pros and cons, decided that I'd rather change it now and be done forever. My biggest issue was having a different name than my son, but now if I ever have another child, it will either be with the last name of the dad or my last name but not with my ex so that child wouldn't have the same last name, so the benefits would...
Yeah. It sucked. I had to bribe my son to sleep in his bunk beds, especially after we moved and he freaked out over all the changes. But, my ex was in total mean mode during the settlement negotiations.
My ex actually put into the divorce settlement that we had to stop cosleeping. My son had not yet turned 5 at the time.
Argh. He had halfway mentioned doing something Thursday (another Tarantino flick) and since I would have needed a babysitter, I texted him last night to tell him I had a good time and ask if he still wanted to go. Haven't heard anything back. hopefully not a bad sign. always makes me second guess my memory of the evening.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hollycrand But how do these guys know that you have money? Do you mention this to them as well? Maybe keep mum about it with potential dates. I'm a surgeon. They have been (most recently) a student, a freelancing labor foreman, and a bartender. It's kinda obvious. I've had a crush on Hot Bartender for a while. It had been loose and cool for a while, trying to find a time where we were both in the same place to...
Question for y'all: I've been going out with people who have less money than I do. I have a lot of debt, yes, but still have a pretty decent disposable income (finally!). Part of me still thinks that they should pick up the check, at least initially, but is that wrong of me? $50-100 is much more to them than it is to me, and I definitely get feedback on it, even if it is subtle and not necessarily negative. e.g. Manpris joked how his friends were advising him on cheap...
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