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Is it *behind* the new fridge?
  And really, you mean like this thread?
  I have an uber healthy fully vaccinated 3yo . He's been sick before, no doubt. He's also in full time daycare so exposed to a crapload of germs (I work, if I didn't we would be homeless). He rarely gets antibiotics, and is only allergic to carpet which he inherited from me. He would probably be just as healthy if he were unvaxed, and probably would have gotten all the same illnesses (colds and stomach bugs).
  People on the non-vax forum also theorize about how healthy their children are compared to vaxed children. There are lots of very judgmental people on this board.
  Needed to be repeated. Especially after MDC's official stance on vaccination has been stated several times by the moderators. And yet, no matter how offensive it is when people post that, it doesn't get taken down.
Serenbat, Peggy DID speak to the issue - up thread a ways.
With my 3yo I find I need to be very hands on. Saying, 'get dressed' leads to me yelling. Saying, 'let me help you get dressed' while guiding him towards the dresser to pick out clothes is much more successful. He just isn't able to self direct stuff like that yet.
Can you explain why you are terrified that mothers on MDC choose to vaccinate their children?
I don't know Rachel, I've seen the sentiment that vaxed children are worse off than non-vaxed many times on the non-vax forum. It seems very common there to be self congratulatory about non-vaxed children being more healthy than vaxed ones. I don't think that vax status has much to do with over all health in most situations though (Taxis children being one exception before she posts something about how that's not true in her family).
Tribes get moved from the Finding Your Tribe forum to places they fit better - so a tribe would most likely end up here in Vaccinations anyway, where it could very easily be taken over by debate (unless the tribe forum guidelines have changed - which is entirely possible).It's a good idea, I just don't know how well it would work out practically speaking.
New Posts  All Forums: