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  I've seen this posted several times, by several different people. Can I ask how it is known that a reaction is due to a vaccine when it shows up weeks later?
  I know, I was trying to avoid stirring anything up - but I've had the same experience you have. My son is thriving in all ways, and does not show any adverse reactions to vaccines.
We skip the flu vaccine, because it is formulated based on the best guess as to which flu virus will go around each year. Because its different every year (this year being the exception, because it was the same as last year I believe), and herd immunity is based on the guess being right, we just take our chances.
Well, I'll finally chime in I guess.   I researched vaccinations when I was pregnant (and admittedly have not kept up with my research much since then), because of the very loud anti-vax community here on MDC. My ex was completely against the idea of *not* vaccinating, but I did my reading and research anyway. After choosing a pediatrician, and talking to them about it, and finding out what schedule he used (he was against the HepB* at birth - said it messed up the...
  These issues could be addressed by creating articles and wikis that are linked to at the top of the forum - maybe an "anti" and a "pro" article that could contain links to information on each side of the debate - if its at the top o the forum newbies could find both easily and find all the information they want about the "pro" and the "anti" side of the debate.
  And I think you're just being annoying.  Oh wait, we will both be asked to edit now, because personal attacks aren't allowed.
  Was his neuro specialty in vaccine medicine? Being a neurosurgeon doesn't make him an expert in the neurological effects of vaccines by default.
  Re: the bolded, why do non-vaxers need a forum? I don't think they do.   I agree with getting rid of the subforums though.
  Actually, he sounds like he was the classic well behaved kid. The realistic version anyway. I know you were talking about people's perception of what the well behaved kid *should* look like - but your DS1 sounds pretty fantastic. My ds often offers to carry bags, and usually carries my lunch bag from the time I pick him up at daycare until we get on the train to go home (then I take it from him because I need to hold his hand and don't want him to drop the lunch bag on...
  There are numerous vaccinating posters throughout MDC who do not post in the Vax forums AT ALL because they are tired of being attacked for their choices. Do you want them to be kept silent?
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