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  But the point is to put all the information out there - so that those new to the forum can read for themselves and make their own decisions. I don't think its to convince non-vaxers that they are "wrong" or to convince vaxers that they are "wrong".
  Yeah, I don't think its mostly the non-vaxers that get accused of being conspiracy theorists. I think its mostly "Big Pharma is a conspiracy! They want us to be sick so that they profit off our continued use of meds!!"
  She has been told repeatedly to knock it off - and then she posted a thread about how they exist and here's proof! Honestly, I don't think a UA does any good at all while she is still here posting about how anyone who posts something remotely pro-vax is a shill getting paid. Even if we WERE shills, we could still post as long as we follow the UA.   Now though she's really going to think I'm a shill living the high life....too bad she's dead wrong.   I'm also really...
  I think non-vaxers can also be shills. So the biggest problem is that anyone could be a shill and there is no way to know.   I haven't seen much smearing going on as far as the non-vaxers - mostly just a dispute on what sources are credible and believable.
How many chances to posters get when they violate the UA? For example, by accusing people of being pharmashills (but could be any violation)? And are there consequences? Or just deleted posts?
Look Taxi!! Your pharmashill is here!!
Unfortunately, there really wouldn't be any way to enforce a contract provision prohibiting the circ of a baby that ultimately isn't yours. Your best bet (and really your only bet) would be to ask up front what their views on circ were, and if they were anything but completely and vehemently against it, not work with them. I just can't imagine that you would have legal recourse.     Unforunately, the bolded is not entirely true. What you are talking about is a liquidated...
It is my understanding that Goats milk is not appropriate for infants, and while many on the crunchy side claim it is better than formula, it is not meant for human infants. Please put her on either formula or breastmilk. Could it have been that you had low supply and she wasn't getting enough to eat when she was breastfeeding? (maybe not I don't know) You could also try a non-allergenic formula although those are very expensive. Does your Ped know that you are feeding...
  Explosive poo was a shock to me too. But I'm pretty sure soap and water does a pretty darn good job of killing germs, and I don't know how long rota lives outside the body so I don't think it would be an issue so long as the poo gets cleaned up and people aren't putting their fingers in their mouths while cleaning it.
  Dr's should be telling parents of the risks. And then saying, "those risks are greatly minimized by good handwashing and proper hygiene. For example, make sure you wash your hands after diaper changes, and if the baby is putting his hands near his diaper area, to wash babies hands after diaper changing too."
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