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He should have been, but we all know vaccines aren't 100%, and rota went through his daycare - I think all but 1 kid got it (there were only 5-6kids though, it was very small). Rota remains the ONLY time I have ever called my ex and said, "your turn to get puked on. Come get him and bring him back tomorrow" I would take Rota over the febrile seizures ds got at 19mo while my ex was taking the bar (I had to call exs dads office, and get him pulled out of a wake, so that I...
My ds had rotavirus when he was almost 2. It REALLY sucked. I missed almost 2 weeks of class (my ex refused to help out during the day because he had to "work" and me missing class wasn't as important as him "working"), and did 9 loads of puke covered laundry, and more baths for explosive poop than I care to think about. It was HORRIBLE. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.
  I personally agree with your whole post - I don't care what sexuality people are, and don't much care about who they have sex with. Doesn't matter to me.   However, the above may be true in your experience, but I went to college in an extremely conservative town, and many of the people I went to school with were very religious and did NOT believe homosexuality was acceptable, the religious groups boycotted and picketed the annual Drag Show (which raised money for...
  Watch out, you might get banned for posting such inflammatory things!! but I completely agree with you.
  I recently moved out of NYC as well, only I don't remember ever seeing a child get hit (altho you might have seen me yell at my child during a particularly frustrating afternoon....).
  Welcome!! I do believe we are actually a silent majority here on MDC. The non-vax proponents are very vocal, but I mostly get positive reactions to my siggy :)
  My bet is that she's having trouble narrowing it down.
  You actually lick your wounds like a cat would? With your tongue?   I usually use soap and water, but then again I don't like the taste of blood.
  I ate sushi while pregnant. I was hit by a massive horrible craving that did.not.go.away for 3 weeks. I HAD to eat it. It was tuna. Raw tuna. I win for most mercury exposure while preggers!!
  Are you saying that when a pregnant woman gets a thimerosal containing vaccine her baby is at greater risk for autism? I'm confused.
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