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*applause* *standing ovation* *applause*
  Kathy, I think Taxi posts about her personal experiences everywhere possible. I think starting a thread that other people can also share on is an excellent idea - that way anytime someone asks, she can just bump the thread rather than repeating herself constantly.
Have you ever considered the possibility that she may have a personality disorder? There is something seriously wrong with that woman that she has to blow up his FB and phone while he's having a bday party.   Good for your DSS - he's starting to see through it.
I don't get it either. Links perhaps?
I have seen your story many times - a simple list of red flags have not been posted before. Thanks anyway.
But Taxi, isn't peanuts one of the 8 major allergens? Don't burger places that use peanut oil to make their fries list that since its an allergen? I really dont see why there is such insistence that vaccine manufacturers might not report it as an ingredient when egg is listed on certain vaccines - and I think egg is a less common allergy right?
I wouldn't worry too much - egg is listed as an ingredient when present in certain vaccines and people who are allergic to egg cannot get those vaccines. I bet peanut would be listed if peanut oil was used.I do find it promising that alternative adjuvants are being explored, hopefully aluminum will be able to be taken out entirely sometime soon - I thought that would be a positive thing?
  I've seen this. I'm asking for obvious red flags that my child will have a very very rare and extremely serious reaction. We don't vax when we're sick (my ped wouldn't let us if we wanted to), and there is zero family history of reactions. So, there goes the most obvious of risk factors, what are the others?
  Then please tell us what red flags to look for, rather than harping on the fact that we are all vulnerable to these reactions, and that we will forever regret our decision because the vax reactions DO HAPPEN ALL THE TIME.   What are the red flags?? Why have you never posted what those red flags are?
  I'm not over-confident. I'm lessening the chances of my ds getting it. And I'm hoping that everyone who is able to be vaxed is in fact vaxed. I should look into the exemptions available in my area.
New Posts  All Forums: