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  That was an entirely unhelpful post. My ds is 3yo and has never had a vax reaction despite being fully vaccinated to this point.
  Warning: Anecdata coming up. My little brother had a very mild case of chicken pox (like 5 spots total - we knew it was CP because he got it from me and my older brother - both of us were very sick), but he had a sore on his eyeball and had to go to the eye Doctor every day for 5 days to get eyedrops (PITA because it had to be at the very end of the work day after all other patients had left the office). Then my mom had to continue putting drops in his eyes for a few...
  This really depends on the person and the specific mental illness. Sometimes, they need tough love - as in - you made that mess and now you need to clean it up (I'm gearing up for court battle number 3 in less than 3 years with my ex who has several mental illness issues, and whose family just props him up and refuses to see that there is in fact a problem). Getting them help sounds easy, but again depending on the particular illness, if a person isn't willing to get...
  The bolded is very important. As the custodial parent, it is not our job to "protect" a child from their other parents flaws (with the obvious exception being abuse or true neglect - then it is absolutely our job to step in and stop the contact, or make sure it is properly supervised). By allowing our children to see the flaws, they don't build a fantasy about the NCP, and have a more realistic view of what is going on.
Are we allowed to have a "What are the pros to vaccines?" thread? To counter this one?
  Me too. Also, if you're going to be in a family court, its generally less formal than other courthouses. I would go with dark wash jeans for DH, or some nice khaki pants and he'll be dressed fine, especially if he wears a button down shirt.   Wanted to add that I love the idea of family photos afterwards! Or before if its going to be a hot day. Congratulations on finalizing your adoption!
I don't think it's fair to say that because she had a tantrum at her party she'll be forever robbed of the joys of gift giving/receiving. Your granddaughter will probably grow up to be just fine (although 30 gifts is excessive I agree).
I have horrible dust mite allergies, and refuse to live anywhere with carpet! Makes me mad too because apartments with hardwood floors are more expensive! Oh well. I do need to get a few area rugs, but I can't afford them right now and thankfully my neighbors aren't home much.
  I'm thinking maybe yogurt covered raisins for travel? They are a "treat" and yummy, but not pure sugar (my ds is one that bounces off the wall at the smallest amount of sugar as well - so I'm thinking treats that aren't uber sugary??)   Also, how do you get a crazy kid who hates sleep to sleep on the plane? Our flight leaves at 9pm so I'm hoping he'll sleep across country, but I don't know...
  BRILLIANT!!! I'm going to remember this in June when I fly with my 3yo. Just BRILLIANT!! Hmm...now I need to come up with a super exciting treat that he's never had before but will love....   There are lots of examples of things that I do differently than I thought I would. Tons really. I think the only thing I've really stuck to is no TV. But thats only because we don't own a TV - he watches movies on my iPad instead. At least there aren't any commercials?
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