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  The whole thing. Vaccines, Researching..., I'm Not Vaxing, Sel/Del   You're right that they won't - its the only forum that actually engages anyone.
  I think all of that should fall under the unacceptable category? Not sure why you think any of thats acceptable.
  I think the forum should be removed entirely. It goes for both sides of the vax issue.
  Perhaps you shouldn't take it so personally? They are internet posters, they call themselves trolls - who cares what they think? FWIW I am a member over there (so far just lurking), and the MDC Therapy forum has been taken down. So has the "Around the Internet" forum or whatever it was called.
  What are the eligibility parameters for this program?
It's legal where I live. I share a 1BR + den with my 3yo ds (we share the BR, the den isn't appropriate for a BR)
  I'm not discussing the merits of vaxing/not vaxing here. Conspiracy theories don't belong in this forum, Mosaic even agrees!
  Just repeating what you said, in a very succinct way. Although, just like the non-vax forum, I'm sure non-vaxers would go in and try to make us all out to be elitist and what not.
  Hmm...If people believe that BigPharm is all a big conspiracy, maybe they should stick to the non-vax forum and not venture out much? People interested in not vaxing are going to peek into that forum and will see the conspiracy theory. I don't really believe in big echo chambers without any voices of dissent though. And really, if I want a place to talk about how loony non-vaxers are, I know where to go ;)
  I haven't seen that recently. But what I was talking about with the conspiracy, is that even when someone doesn't use the word "conspiracy" but say something like, "Well, we know that vaccines can cause (insert chronic conditions here), so Big Pharma wants to make sure everyone is vaxed because then they ensure their profits through the use of the drugs to treat (insert chronic conditions here)" - thats describing a conspiracy theory. Anyone who posts that is saying...
New Posts  All Forums: