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Quote: Originally Posted by vanauken Isn't there a difference between sleep-training and CIO, though? Yeah, I guess, enough to say: I don't think equating every form of sleep-training with straight-out CIO is fair. I thought the same thing (also don't know about the Weissbluth guy). I thought methods such as Elizabeth Pantley's were acceptable here.
Quote: Originally Posted by Purple Cat Has anyone tried this? How did it work? I have 3 y.o. twins who are small -- about 27 1/2 and 28 1/2 pounds. I need it for traveling around museums, airport, etc. Thoughts? Experience? We did this for a trip last summer, when the twins weren't quite 2 yet. It worked great for us. Yeah, it can be pretty wide, but we only ran into a few places that it was a problem. We needed something that would fold...
I don't know my exact weight gain, but it was only a little more than my weight gain with my singletons.
Quote: Originally Posted by SuzyQ2+2 Hello Mamas - I'm currently 35W5D and am desperately seeking advice on relieving night time heartburn. So far I have done the following: - head of the bed raised up on 2x6's - a ton of pillows - small, frequent meals - not laying down within 3 hours of eating dinner - tums and rolaids to the point I feel like I should have invested in stocks (I'm sure I will never be short on calcium for the rest of my...
It would be interesting to see if anyone has done a study on this. I agree with the pp that it would not seem to "run" in your family (or mine--similar case here), but it's always possible that even one instance could affect this.
I had twins who were "undiagnosed" until 26 weeks; I saw two midwives at 16 weeks (consults), and neither suspected twins. In fact, when the second midwife found my measurements a little ahead, I mentioned my increased appetite and morning sickness and inquired whether there was any chance of twins, and she was quite sure it was NOT. I think all my suggestions are already taken. Because we knew TTTS was not a possibility, we delayed cord cutting about 5 minutes...
What's the question? I loved my EZ-2-Nurse pillow when my twins were little (0-6 mo, esp.).
Quote: Originally Posted by gemelos Mama to ds (4), boy/girl twins (2) and baby #4 due 8/1/07 But I'm guessing #4 is really due in 08, right? Cause this overdue, I don't think you'd be WONDERING if he/she were twins!
10 minutes (natural home water birth). Cate was heavier than Colette, but only by 2 ounces.
I don't work outside the home, so take my comments with a grain of salt. Most of us remember the first six weeks with twins in only a blurry sort of way. I think I'd plan on going back when they were at least 2 months old.
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