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I really hope Natalie goes next. She's on the verge of cute, but just manages to pull off super-annoying.
Totally normal! Don't even worry about it
I'd look into the possibility of it being a dairy allergy. Quite common. It takes a good 2-4 weeks to get it all out of your (her) system, so don't give up early. Make sure you eliminate all hidden dairy too (casein, etc). I'm sure you'll get other good advice here, but that was my first thought.
Hmm...just off the top, 27? Maybe 26. I'd have to get the books out to be sure.
Quote: Originally Posted by Keeta For those that are really jonesing for Twilight, ask yourself (seriously): What about these books is it that I want more of? I have a feeling for a lot of us (although I do love paranormal), it's the Romance aspect, NOT necessarily the vampires. But since Romance is seen as a less-than-worthy genre by most, we're not all too keen to embrace it. Yep, that is exactly the case for me. I've never been...
I think (hope) that Jeff will get it. But I doubt he would use it this week, he wants Ronnie out of there. He can still use it next week, if he gets it, right?
We seem to be doing the same here. I have never had just a phlegmy cough with no other symptoms, it's very strange. I would recommend doing steam treatments. If you can do it with tea tree oil in the water that would be good.
FlyLady's Crisis Cleaning pod cast thingy is good. It takes you through the main areas that a guest would see in one hour. She splits it up into 15 minute segments (Kitchen, Living room, Bathroom, Rest), and divides those into 3 minute segments. She is so cute with her accent, giving lots of encouragement (she annoyed DD though ). You can do it! I've been there, and it's such a better feeling knowing that someone can stop by and I won't be totally humiliated!
I was going to suggest a Buckwheat hull pillow also. DH has one and he really loves it.
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